Monday, June 30, 2014

The man (along with Sean Connery) who made gray cool

I just read the Most Interesting Story In The World about The Most Interesting Man In The World.  You know who I'm talking about, right?  

He's that worldly Latin guy on the Dos Equis commercials who has parallel parked a train, whose mother has a tattoo that says "Son", who once had an awkward moment just to see how it felt.  I've gotta admit, I'd love to hang with him for a while and take notes.

The article I read in Cigar and Spirits magazine shed new light on the man that we all thought we knew.  Things like he's not the sensual Latin man's man he makes out to be, but a 75 year old Jewish actor named Jonathan Goldsmith from the Bronx.  And he's spent over half a century being a bit Hollywood actor.  (Do you recognize him from Star Wars and Gunsmoke?)

SEVENTY FIVE?  He must have one helluva makeup lady.  How do I know it's a "lady"?  'Cause he's The Most Interesting Man In The World.  :)
So what's with that accent, you ask?  Great story:  Over the course of his acting career he became good friends with one Fernando Lamas, who might himself have been The Most Interesting Man In The World if he'd auditioned, and hadn't had that unfortunate death thing in 2011.  Fernando and Jonathan ran in the same circle and it was imitating Lamas' accent that helped seal the Does Equis commercial for him.

Goldsmith's wife, also his manager, arranged for his Dos Equis audition where he was one of 400.  He made that cut and was invited back for a second audition as one of 200 or so, then was one of the final three.  Turns out they originally passed on him saying they wanted someone younger.

That's when his wife/manager went to bat for him telling the beer guys that The Most Interesting Man In The World HAD to be an older guy.  How could a younger man have had all the life experiences necessary to be The Most Interesting Man In The World?

I agree.  Getting older does have some drawbacks, but I'll accept them any day in exchange for all the things I've experienced in my life....the things I've done and seen, the people I've met, the places I've been.  But I digress.

Turns out 'ol Jonathan really is a Most Interesting Guy.  For example, he traded his house for a boat and sailed the Caribbean for a while, then later lived on a boat near Los Angeles.

"I live in shorts and deck shoes," he says. "I'm basically very simple. I don't need much. There's very little room on the boat for a wardrobe, and our whole room is smaller than most people's walk-in closets. That's the beauty of living on a boat. You prioritize. You practice triage on those things in your life, what is significant, what has emotional attachment."

Amen, Brother TMIMITW!

Knowing all this, I'd like to hang with him now more than ever.  

Stay thirsty my friends.  :)



  1. As I've heard said before, the best thing about living on a boat is if you don't like your neighbors it's easy to move. If I had any nautical training I might try that.

  2. Interesting stuff! I can't imagine living on a boat - I'm too attached to my things!

  3. Hey, I like this guy even though I hate beer.

  4. He also makes a beard and mustache look cool. A far cry from those goobers like Bo Dietl who think a four day stubble look is cool.

  5. I have to admit I've never seen him in of those beer commercials. As a matter of fact, when his image started appearing on those Facebook memes, I had to ask someone who it was.

    He looks great for being 75. Reminds me a bit of Sean Connery.

  6. He is pretty cool looking for his age. I also have not seen the commercials.

  7. and he's hot! you know it that "i'm-never-going-to-meet-him-so-you-have-nothing-to-worry-about" way.

  8. BG and I met a couple who had lived for three YEARS on a 35' sailboat. It was cramped and tiny inside and they had sailed it from Turkey thru the Panama Canal and were in New Zealand when we had our visit with them.

    When I retired (the first time) I wanted to buy a sailboat and live on it, but there was a three year wait for a slip at the marina where it was docked. How different my life might have been if I had actually done it. f