Monday, June 23, 2014

The world's most expensive sauce pan

Our old pots and pans, or as K calls them, our "cookware", were pretty much crap.  We had been talking about buying some good quality replacements, but it seemed to just stay on our (my) back burner.  Until yesterday.

We received one of Bed, Bath, and Beyond's coupons in the mail and figured we'd might as well take advantage of it....20% off is nothing to sneeze at.

See that sauce pan on the right, above the griddle?  I went in thinking we'd just buy that for a start, but instead we came out with the whole set.

But wait....there's MORE!

They had a special promo going on:  if you buy enough Calphalon products they give you (maybe "give" is the wrong word) a $50 gift card, too.  20% off PLUS $50.  Sweet!

But looking back on our shopping experience I think I came up on the short end.  I mean, K got some new pots and pans cookware AND a $50 gift card, but she wouldn't let me buy anything I wanted. 

K made me put her back.  How fair is that?  *pout*


I read an interesting article in the paper that said yellow, orange, teal, and green cars, in that order, had the highest resale values, on average about $1,500 more than similar cars in the more common white (21% market share), black (19%), gray (17%) or silver (15%) colors.

Maybe by the time I buy my next car (no time soon) VW will bring back their Fahrenheit Edition GTI.  I think it would be a cop magnet?  The last thing I need is to drive a cop magnet.  I thought it interesting that red wasn't on either list.


I did NOT see this coming!

We had a gray drizzly day yesterday, which was rather nice as it kept the temps down.  But last night when I took the dog out the skies were clear.  I just assumed (yes, I know) that we were back to "hot and dry".

Instead, this ^ is what I woke up to.  Yikes!  No complaints here....we desperately need the rain.

It's been pretty intense so far this morning.  Lightning, thunder, 60-70 mph winds....luckily I had just enough warning to get my outdoor furniture safely inside.

We're currently under Stage 3 water restrictions:  Lawn watering only one day every other week, limits on car washing, swimming pool filling, etc.  And it's just the START of summer.  

They say unless we get lots of rain soon we'll go to Stage 4 lawn watering at all.  Imagine how this will impact lawn maintenance crews, landscape contractors, car washes, etc.

Meanwhile, less than 100 miles south it's flooding.  Go figure.



  1. That was my first thought, What happened to red? I don't believe any of that color survey...someone is just making it up. How do they measure that with soooo many variables? Like is my silver 1990 Honda $1500 less than a green one?

    You bought cookware, why can't you bring home a cook?

  2. I wish I could transfer some of our Oregon rain to a region that needs it. Say, is your Blogger Dashboard working this morning? Mine is only showing one blog at a time.

  3. You had to put her back. You got the short end of the stick and still had to pay (grin).

  4. Same thing happens every time I go into the grocery store for a six pack of beer. End up coming out with 3 bags of groceries. There must be a lesson in there somewhere.

  5. My cookware is really old, too. I won it at a raffle during a company picnic. I think I still was married to my ex-husband... The pots and pans are still OK, mostly.

    No comment on the item in your shopping cart. She doesn't look like she would know what to do with your new pots and pans.

    Hope you get more rain! I'm a farmer's daughter - I always worry about there not being enough rain.

  6. clean the "goo" off your iphone's camera lense....all your photos have a weird tint to them (you can also edit those on the phone if you don't like the color or how they come out)

    They are really nice pans - not that we cook much - I have decided to save the gift card to buy some really good bath towels

  7. We're on our second set of pots & pans - but then we've been married for 23 years. Oh & Mike doesn't get to bring random women home either. K & I are so strict.

    Never mind red - where's blue on the list? You know back in the day I wanted s yellow Neon :)