Monday, June 2, 2014

"Rest" is so over-rated. Or so I'm told.

I'm afraid that light at the end of the tunnel is another train coming straight at me.  I've been working with bro to handle the structural aspects of a home we're building (actually 'adding on to') for a past client.  

I've already passed plumbing, electrical, mechanical, duct leakage, and framing inspections, and only lack energy, which I should have this week. Time to coast?  Au contraire.

Bro is leaving for vacation in a week, so I will once again have to assume control of the empire.  And between now and then I have several funerals to attend.  My 96-year-old aunt passed away last Friday and the family visitation is today, with the funeral tomorrow.  

And my 96-year old step-mom (my dad re-married in 1999, after my mom passed in 1994) is expected to pass any time now.  I must go pay my respects.

Ironically, we've been asked to build a number of Assisted Living Facilities.  (Note to self: DON'T call them "old folks homes"....very un-PC)  My first reaction was "I'd rather not", but as my aunt, mom, and step-mom lived their last days there, maybe it would be a nice thing to do.  Plus they're paying me, so....


Despite still not feeling 100% after my brush with death last week (food poisoning) I made it to grandson Parker's 5th birthday party on Saturday.  I wish I could buy a few bottles of whatever vitamins these kids take:

Parker is in the blue shirt (top center), the girl wearing yellow shirt w/ hair bow is his sister Blakely, and the little girl exiting stage left is his cousin, my granddaughter Reese.  The rest are teammates on various soccer/football/baseball teams.

Then later Saturday afternoon I saw the absolute best finish to a sporting event ever.  My Northampton Saints defeated Saracens on the last play of overtime in the Aviva Premiership championship game (the Super Bowl of English rugby), 24-20.  And even that required a video replay to confirm. 

Pay attention American football players:  THIS is how you tackle!

 The game winner!  WOW!

Oh well, so much for fun and games.  Monday awaits.  Have a good one.  :)



  1. Sorry to hear about the loss and the state of your SM.

  2. I thought that lettuce thing would take more than a day for you to recover. Got me years ago and laid me up for three days.

  3. You are correct - "old folks homes" is not the correct terminology. The place where my in-laws live calls itself a "retirement community." And anyone who builds those facilities will be in business for a long, long time!

  4. When my Inlaws moved to a retirement facility my mother referred to them as inmates. Now she lives in one and she gets made if I call her an inmate.