Friday, June 20, 2014

Thank Gawd for Southwest Airlines!

While most of their flights deliver the standard FAA mandated "get in, sit down, shut up, hold on" spiel, if you're really lucky you just might someday be on a Southwest Airlines flight and hear something like >>this<<.  (Suck it up and once you get past the obligatory commercial I promise you'll have a great laugh.  Be sure and listen to the end.)

I hope Southwest Airlines never loses their goof-ball sense of humor.  Not many companies would let their employees have this much fun at work.  Kudos SWA!


Once when flying SWA I was being my usual smart-assed self (playfully of course) with one of their flight attendants.  After a little back-and-forth fun she went to work, walking through the cabin carrying one of those small trays holding a number of Styrofoam coffee cups.  As she walked toward me (I was in an aisle seat) she "tripped" and dumped it all into my lap.  *gasp*

The cups were full of confetti.  Ha!  She/we had the whole plane in stitches.  That would probably be a firing offense on any other airline, but not Southwest.  Gotta LUV 'em.  

As we were deplaning at the gate, she was standing by the door giving us all the "thanks for flying Southwest" line.  When I came to her and turned towards the door I smiled and handed her my barf bag which had some ice and a little Coke sloshing around inside.  Karma is a bitch.  :)

I think we both had a good laugh that day.  :)



  1. You must be fun sitting next to on a plane.Ha!

    1. Life's too short to NOT have fun, Steve. :)

  2. Southwest is the most relaxing and fun to fly. Few have the fun you had.

  3. Too bad they don't have the same personality at the boarding gates, the real torture of flying.

  4. Southwest has always been a good ride but my eyes are now set on Emirates Airlines. First class, of course.

  5. I've flown Southwest numerous times the last few years and I can attest to their sense of humor! I remember hearing the "the toilet-seat-cover-looking thingy" before. Hahaha. One time I went to stow my carry-on and found a cardboard box, duct-taped in various places, with the writing Do not touch! Danger! Live snakes! in the overhead bin. And some of their flight attendants are really great sang a little song upon landing, to the tune of "Stand by Your Man." She sounded just like Tammy Wynette.

  6. That is a fun airline to fly.

  7. Too bad it's not an option for me - at least not heading from Ohio to NY...