Wednesday, January 1, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR (2014, right?)

Unlike most people, I'm not gonna lie to you.  I didn't make it to midnight, New Year's Eve (Dallas time).  That's because I was up waaaaay too late on New Year's Eve eve watching a bowl game played in San Diego, CA.  

If they insist on having their very own time zone (what a bunch of narcissists!), I really think the West Coast needs to at least sync their activities to mine.  They can work 6a to 3p, and then play football from 6p to 10p.  Seems fair, right?

And about those New Year's resolutions....get real, people!  "I'm gonna lose 30 pounds, get me some 6-pack abs, write a novel, do an archaeological dig in the Holy Land, and make the US Olympic ski team....right after I buy a pair of skis."

My NY res sounds a bit more reasonable, yet is probably equally out of reach:



My 2014 looks like it might be a very busy one.  While I'm supposed to be retired, it's hard to walk away from work when there are serious $$$$ involved.  That train doesn't come my way too often, so I'm gonna get on board while I can.  One last good (?) year and then I can coast much more comfortably.  *Please God*  :)

I sincerely wish for each of you good health in this new year, the good fortune to be able to live peacefully with your neighbors (we're ALL neighbors), and the good sense to be grateful for all you do have instead of dwelling on those things you don't.

Or as some wise guy once said, "Live well, Laugh often, Love much".



  1. Replies
    1. Kidding, I knew it was you all along. And the same good wishes to you, too, Lover.

  2. Wishing everyone at your house nothing but the best in 2014. Happy New Year.

    1. Wishing the same for you and your family, Steve. :)

  3. Replies
    1. I sincerely hope no one is watching me dance. They'll leave with PTSD. ;)

  4. I've known people who retired four or five times...and always returned back to work. Pretty soon, you'll be on that list!

    Admit it, you just like the party and cake!

    1. Well, I do like parties and cake. But no, I WILL retire. One last nice payday will sure help, though.

  5. You can't buy back life, but if you are bored and big money calls, go for it.

    Can I sit on your balcony and watch planes land and take off while you are at work?

    Happy New Year!

    1. Frankly, Tom, sitting around the past few months has been rather boring. A little work will be good. And absolutely yes, mi balcony es su balcony. :)

    2. Thanks, no plans yet, but I have two old friends and a cousin who live near you. Someday the Old Fat Man may bring his camera and enjoy the balcony. Enjoy the new job, I felt a strong pull the first year I retired to go back for the enjoyment I got from my job. That feeling has passed and I doubt I will ever work again.

  6. Happy New Year! I'm almost caught up on your posts - one more to go :)

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