Thursday, April 10, 2014

Lemme A goes into slot B....then fold and....

Progress report:  Here is the current status of the major addition to the already large home we built for for M/M W two years ago.  They've developed a bad case of the "while you're at it" syndrome, adding even more on the fly.  Now the home will have a combined total of over 10,000 sq ft.

They're like rich kids turned loose with daddy's credit card.  Now they've discovered the large unused space just below the roof, aka the attic, would be a good place for another media room.  Yes, I said another.  

They sent me this email attachment yesterday saying this was the look they wanted to replicate, including the LED star field in the ceiling.  My response:  "Sure.  Make the check payable to...."

It will be quite the estate, I must admit.  And today it begs my attention.  Gotta go.  Have a great day everyone.  :)



  1. That is exactly the type of projects now on T.O.H. that turns my stomach...I mean its fine and all, but I preferred the show that had projects I could actually relate to.

    1. I agree it's just a grand exercise in "look at me". Still, "show me the money". :)


  2. Wow! I'll bet you could get your minimum daily 10,000 steps just wandering around that place!

  3. If you have a website or something all the work you're doing there would look good on there.

    1. ooooo don't get me started on their's an ancient creaky old thing that runs on HTML and not an easy to update drag and drop and theres only one person in the state they have to update it and they don't like to bother her

  4. You gotta do what you gotta do, especially when thry pay.

  5. This looks like two houses pushed together rather than one cohesive design. Still, you're always smart giving the customer what they want. I can't imagine living in a house that big. They must have servants.

  6. You know how you and K have been debating moving out of the apartment into a small house? CERTAINLY these people have a carriage house or garden shed out back that would be small and upscale enough to meet your requirements for living. Just move in with them. :-)

  7. I'm gonna need a price on that star field ceiling for "Kelly's Fantastical World of Adventure" room - *Scott has graciously given me the second bedroom in future home instead of making it a "man-cave" or as he likes to put it "a place for you to put all your weird stuff"*

    If it's just a matter of jabbing holes in the ceiling - I can do that and save some labor - but I will need an electrician to run the fiber optics so I don't die.


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