Wednesday, April 23, 2014

This is NOT a "feel good" post

I just read in the news that Canada now has a more affluent middle class than the United States.  So do several other countries.

On the ever-popular topic of health care, the United States ranked 40th in the world on accessibility of quality health care, behind #1 France, as well as Singapore, Portugal, and Chile, among others.

We've been reading for years about the sad state of our educational system here in the US.  Finland ranks first in the world followed by others like South Korea, Hong Kong, Latvia, and Slovenia.

Our economy statistically is bouncing back from recession at a world-leading pace, but those jobs are by-and-large not the high paying jobs we need.

Now many are questioning the wisdom of borrowing heavily for a college education.  They say the debt students are straddled with when they graduate is way out of line with the modest-paying jobs they're likely to get.  They'll be in debt forever.

Many of our cities are decaying, our roads and bridges are in sad shape, and we're afraid to smile at anyone for fear we'll be called in for "sensitivity training."  Political correctness rules.  

When something goes wrong, it's always that elusive "someone else's" fault, never our own.  Lie, cheat or steal if you have to,  just "show me the money".

We universally think we're the best at everything, when we are increasingly just average at everything....nothing more. 

This is not meant to be a "beat up on the US" post.  Quite the opposite; this is meant to be a "WAKE UP AMERICA" post. 

IMO, and I think my position is probably now a majority opinion, our system is simply broken.  Class warfare is raging.  "I've got mine.  You go get your own".  Tea Party members don't play well with others, nor do their extreme liberal counterparts.  We are our own worst enemies.

We MUST break this.  Our political system is a joke.  The wrong people / special interests get breaks at the expense of the rest of us, which ultimately weakens us all. 

Yet we still strut around yelling "WE'RE NUMBER 1".  We're talking the talk, but we're sure not walking the walk.  How long do you have to be in denial before you hit bottom?

There's nothing we can't do, but a lot of us are going to have to change the way we think before that will happen.

Does anyone give a shit anymore?

Happy hump day.  :)



  1. We do make the best movies.

  2. I can only add that being in my mid 60's, I wouldn't want to be a teenager today.

  3. It can be pretty depressing. I probably use 1% of my college education in my job. Really I think most people could get by with a two-year degree if it were actually focused on real world applications. I mean it's nice to broaden your horizons with philosophy and music and Canadian culture, but really that's just a lot of wasted time and money when you get down to it.

  4. My social security is $1400/month. Our health insurance premiums are $1100/month. What's wrong with this picture? Being in the middle class today is no longer middle class.
    The same article you mention also said that the middle class is struggling more than ever before and the rich are getting richer.

  5. You have articulated most of my reasons for my embargo of 'news' in recent weeks. Most if not all of what I find out about what is going on in the world---I am reading here.

    Sadly, I feel we are way beyond the tipping point. I wish I felt otherwise. fin

  6. Hey Rome fell from greatness a long time ago, but is still a tourist destination. USA the land of tourism, come see what once was.

  7. So long as politicians spout off that we're number one and the greatest country on Earth people will believe it and we begin the slippery slope toward total mediocrity.

  8. I suppose I still give a shit if I think about it hard enough....but I defaulting to "what can I do I am just a single solitary person" I guess we could have a revolution....but that was the Occupy movement wasn't it? And they couldn't focus on a single topic to revolt against because so much is fucked up and needs to be "fixed".

    And really the country is too big for a decent revolution [Dear NSA I really am not suggesting a revolution - it's just all talk, rhetoric if you will - please fill free to check my email]

    We can't seem to change the "govt" .... too big....too all consumed with it's own BS and it's own "me me me" we cut them out of the deal.

    You want change? Start small and start local .... not local govt - damn get off the govt kick. Change begins in communities that begin caring about their neighbors. Change also begins with a few small companies willing to dismiss the status quo. Off the top of my head:

    Charity Water didn't go to the "govt" and plead the case for millions dying from contaminated water - they went to the people of this country and started a water revolution ! Google them. I will wait. Now give them money, go raise money, give up your birthday present

    TOMS shoes didn't go to the "govt" and plead the case for millions of children and adults worldwide that do not have shoes to wear - they started "Buy One Give One" and a shoe revolution was started. Google them. I'll wait. Now go buy some shoes so someone else can have a pair too.

    Use the internet for good - get off the fucking news sites - they are only going to tell you what THEY want you to hear. IF you have to read the news - check out Al Jazeera America. News sites breed fear - that's how they get ratings. Or the Huffington Post - also gives a good dose of the good things that are going on.

    BUT the real point of my rant is that YOU want Change? Real change? Change begins in your neighborhoods, your communities. Spend your money with those companies that care about community not stock holders. Care about others and get your head out of "this country sucks and there's nothing we can do about it" - that attitude solves nothing. That's just giving up.

    1. I'll stop reading the news when football season starts again in September. :)

  9. Well Scott - you depressed me & then Kelly got me all fired up! I love Toms shoes too :)