Thursday, April 3, 2014

This is gonna be fun!

As a bystander who views politicians with contempt, it's going be fun for me to watch as the Republican Party devours itself this election year.  *Chomp...Chomp!*

The Republican establishment has actually uttered out loud that they would "destroy the Tea Party", while Ted Cruz & Company still feel they have the upper hand and are challenging numerous old school Republicans at the primary level.

Umm....what's that expression?

Screw modesty.  I've gotta blow my own horn:  TOLD YA!

Extremists, at ether end of the political spectrum, are losers.  The Democrats had their crash and burn moment back in the 1980's, and now the Republicans are having theirs.  

After that earlier Democratic fiasco we had a period of relatively smooth (in retrospect) sailing.  Looks like it's again time to add a little chlorine to the gene pool.

The catalyst for this post?  Tea Party darling Sarah Palin has called fellow Republican Rep. Paul Ryan's proposed budget "the definition of insanity" and a "joke".  The brainiac of the Republican Party?  Insane?  Ouch!

Popcorn....I'm gonna need more popcorn.  :)



  1. It's funny how after the government shutdown mostly blamed on the Tea Party their response is to try to get even farther right.

  2. It's beyond me why anyone would listen to the former half/term governor of Alaska. She can't even be consistent. She loved Ryan's last budget proposal and it made fewer cuts to social services than this new one. People like Cruz and Palin are all about destroying, not limiting, the power of the Federal government. Thank God this new budget doesn't stand a chance of passing the Senate.

    1. The Republicans have their Palin, the Dems have Biden...both pretty scary.

  3. Politics can sure be fun, but on the other hand it can sure be scarry.

  4. I love budget plans that extend beyond two terms, always leaving the next guy/gal to clean up the mess.

  5. For the most part I only see extremists in both parties, that is why government gets nothing done and both sides get to point to the other. Particularly in the primaries, the extremists get the nominations.

  6. We're gonna miss the Tea Party Minnesota loon Michele Bachmann.

  7. I would enjoy Sarah Palin running for something again...just for the entertainment value. Whenever she opens her mouth, it's like a Scrabble game throws up.