Tuesday, June 25, 2013

An insider's view of the asylum: My personality profile

As I mentioned last week, K's employer brought in a high-powered psychologist to profile each of their people, the goal being to improve productivity (?) by utilizing "Temperament-Based Team Building".  I don't know if this is real or just a snow-job, but I still found it interesting.

At my request K asked him if he would mind doing a profile of me, too, and he agreed.  For better or worse, here are the results:

GREEN = "Controlling", defined as: Bottom-line-oriented, results-oriented, initiates and delegates.  

To a point I agree:  I've found that if I concentrate on being results-oriented and doing the "right thing", the bottom-line will take care of itself.  And I am an excellent "delegator" once I built a first-class team around me.  I'm thinking I might should have been given a bit higher score here.

RED = "Social", defined as:  Fun, doesn't take life too seriously, energetic, life of the party. 

I'm "funny", but I'm not necessarily fun.  I don't thrive in large, crowded settings....I'm uncomfortable.  I blend in.  I'm fairly low-key and relaxed.  My modest score here seems fair.

YELLOW = "Peaceful", defined as:  Loyal and supportive, high tolerance, keep the peace, maintain relationships, slow to change.

No argument from me on this. (Pardon the pun ;)  I am very loyal and supportive, tolerant of other's stupid, moronic ideas, I do value long-term relationships, and I am slow to change. *sniff....I so miss my yellow pad and #2 pencils*  I also think all my positive answers regarding diplomacy and tact show here, too.  (And yes, I am tactful, except when talking about politicians and bankers.  ;)

And finally, BLUE = "Methodical", defined as:  Zero tolerance, perfectionist, detail oriented, slow to change, not spontaneous, asks many questions.   

I totally pegged blue!

Umm....how can you have both "high tolerance" (see yellow above) and "zero tolerance"?  I am very detail oriented, and I do ask a lot of questions, especially "why".  

I think I have an abundance of common sense, which translates into being able to size up most situations and decide logically what will work and what won't, or who to trust and who not to, and then make decisions accordingly and delegate.


So using this personality profile, if you were a guidance counselor, which career would you recommend for me....a third-world dictator, a Vegas headliner, a transcendental meditation instructor, or a sniper?



  1. Dictator might be fun but it's not really a long-term position.

    1. Depends on how you define "long term". ;)

  2. " tolerant of other's stupid, moronic ideas" - I'm glad I was just ABOUT to take a sip of water instead of having the water already in my mouth. Ha!

  3. This score seems in keeping with how you've described yourself in the past so it doesn't seem like there are any surprises here. I might have increased your red "Social" score a bit because you are an excellent blogger and that's reaching out to people in a way.

  4. Are you sure you got the right results??? This personality profile says nothing about bacon. At. All.


    1. Yes it does...."peaceful". If I have bacon, I'm at peace with the world. ;)

  5. what Scott didn't mention is that our scores were very close together EXCEPT I scored higher on the GREEN CONTROLLING part ..... you don't think I am controlling DO YOU? LOL ..... yeah I sort am really.....but I try to be more easy going.

    The gentleman that did the testing and following seminar asked all guess where he was listed on the social (red) aspect .... we all guessed that he would be very high socially as the seminar was engaging and funny and he was a great presenter....he actually said his social is about 5% (5% lower than both Scott's and mine) and that his controlling (the green) is very very high.....his point being just because this is your score doesn't mean you have to stay there - he said he works very hard to be more social.