Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cars and Coffee, June, 2013

If this month's Cars and Coffee lineup was a sports team, I'd say their starting lineup showed lots of talent, but their bench was weak.  It's no secret I like old sports cars, and those seemed to me to be in short supply.  

Of course my friend Robert was there with his immaculate Jaguar E-Type V-12.  (Truth in journalism....this photo was from a few months ago.)

This superb Austin Healey 3000 had me drooling.

The Italians were well represented:  This Alfa Romeo Spyder was nice, but fell short of what I would call pristine.  Maybe it's a project in the works?

This Alfa Romeo Alfasud was a gem!

So was this award-winning Alfa Romeo Montreal, another Cars and Coffee regular attendee.

I took this one for Doug, who I know is a Porsche 928 fan.

While not at all exotic, I'd take this MGB in a heartbeat.  Much maligned by some, I was always rather fond of them.

And another British Leyland product, a Triumph Stag.

Now for some newer aluminum:  There were several new Jaguar F-Types there.  This is the first time I'd seen one "in the flesh".  IMO the front end looks nice....

....but the rear end looks spectacular!  ;)

The newest Ferrari Supercar was presented to me here today, too.....the LaFerrari.  While I like it, it looks like it would probably be a royal hassle to get the groceries into and out of the back seat.  I'd better pass.

Not to be upstaged was the McLaren MP4-12C Spider.

BAM!!  Fiat 500.  Didn't see it coming, did you?  ;)

OK, there's "oddly eccentric" and then there's "bizarre".  This would fall into the latter category.  It's a Lamborghini Murcielago painted up by the owner as a rolling billboard for his "violin for hire" business.  (Oh....California plates.  'Nuff said.)

A Mercedes 220 inviting us to join in a picnic.

Hmmm....I wonder where he got the idea?

Lots of Detroit iron present, the most interesting being this '57 T-Bird.

And now back to that "oddly eccentric" thing I about this '91 (UK market only) Datsun ____.  (Can't remember the name.  Somebody help me out?)

For his mother-in law?  (Bad news, dude.  She fell out.)

And if not one of the best restored cars on display yesterday... certainly had one of the most interesting owners.  This is Rob, an Englishman by birth, now retired and living north of Dallas where he buys and restores these fun micro-cars.  The one pictured is a '50's vintage Isetta "limousine" (because it was "stretched" for a back seat) built under license by BMW.  He also showed me a photo of the body of a car which is his next project and asked any of us standing nearby if we could identify it.  I was a Citroen 2CV....and we struck up a lengthy conversation afterwards.

Turns out he's also a pilot....see his DC-3 belt buckle?  He became an aircraft mechanic after WWII, then worked for an air freight company this side of the pond, then learned to fly and started his own air freight business hauling mostly auto parts.

And here's where it gets almost freaky....we've worked together at airshows!  He flew his DC-3 as a jump plane (for the opening act parachute/flag ceremony) at the Dallas Air Show where I was the Ramp Boss.  We laughed about how his pre-jump streamer-drop (to gauge the wind for the parachutists) landed about 3 blocks east of Lemon Avenue.  Ha!  What fun reminiscing with this fine gentleman.

That's enough for this time.  If they have a Cars and Coffee event where you live, go see it.  And if they don't, come see me and I'll take you to ours.  I promise lots of fun.  :)



  1. Great cars, good time! Liked the story about the gentleman who restores Isettas, but I hope he said a prayer before driving it to the show. That's a candidate for a retro fit airbag kit if I ever saw one!

  2. As always - I love your car pictures, but today you made my heart beat faster. A picture of an Isetta! The midwife who helped my mother when I was born (at home) lived across the street from us - and she and her husband drove one of them.

    The Lake Mirror Classic, our annual car show here in Lakeland, had an Isetta two years ago. I just had to go up to the owners and start talking to them, whether they wanted to hear my story about the midwife and her car or not!

    OK, this made me laugh ....but the rear end looks spectacular!...just which rear end were you talking about? ;-)

  3. Love the MGB, but the AH 3000 is my favorite!!

    And yes, that is a nice rear end, but probably a little high maintenance.

  4. What's that? I know not of what you speak. Oh, wait....I see her now....blond, blue eyes, nicely toned legs, pony tail, low heels, short shorts....yes, I suppose she has a nice tush, too. Thank you all for bringing her to my attention. ;)

  5. We have other classic car events, but not cars and coffee. But we do have a few classic air shows that have the same feel.

    Great photos.