Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kickin' ass and takin' names

Transgender Navy SEAL 'Warrior Princess' Comes Out

PHOTO: Kristin Beck, formerly Chris, penned her story of going from an elite Navy SEAL to a woman in the book
Then and now....I think I've found the person who should be in charge of cleaning up the sexual misconduct scandal now rampant in our military.  ;)


It's been five years since the banks rolled the dice one time too many and just about took down the world's financial system, and three years since Congress passed the Dodd-Frank bill that was supposed to bring the bankers back into line with sane, sensible practices.  (Note:  Isn't it ironic that the former Senator and Congressman the bill was named after were two of the banker's most egregious enablers on the way to their going over the cliff?)

Three years, yet only 38% of Dodd-Frank has been implemented.  According to today's USA Today, the bankers have so far been successful stonewalling 62% of it.  The fox is truly in charge of the henhouse. 

Think after the "Warrior Princess" kicks ass and cleans up the military she can go after the bankers?  


Yesterday the Supreme Court hit a home run.  They've managed to piss off just about everybody.  They narrowly ruled 5-4 that people charged with a felony can be required to submit to a DNA swab.  The original argument for DNA testing was to prove the identity of the accused, but the dissenters say the test results will go into a database and be used to possibly solve other past, present, or future crimes.

The big outrage is that this is (some say) a violation of the Fourth Amendment which forbids searches without reasonable suspicion to gather evidence for an unrelated crime.  Ummm....hold on there Kemo Sabe.

How is this any different than people charged with serious crimes giving up their fingerprints to a database?  That's been used to solve crimes and is admissible as evidence in court for as long as I can remember and nobody seemed to get their knickers is a wad over that one.  Isn't DNA evidence just a newer, state-of-the-art version of fingerprinting?

To me the issue should be whether DNA swabs should be taken and entered into a database from those charged with a serious crime or only from those convicted of a serious crime?  Big difference!

Just something for you to think about.  :)



  1. I'm not sure how to feel about the Supreme Court ruling. On one hand I can see why you'd want to get the DNA. On the other I don't like the idea of the government having so much DNA on file. The way their files get hacked so routinely that means pretty much the whole world can have your DNA on file. At least if you're accused of a felony, so I guess try to avoid being accused of a felony. The best way to do that: be a banker!

    1. Whoa! NICE segue Pat! I didn't see that coming. :)

  2. Another 3 parter...

    1. Where can I read about the Warrior Princess...nevermind I'll google her/im. Sounds like a good person to straighten out lots of people!

    2. The Bank thing...very complicated, expecially with banks no longer just being regional...they face world wide competition without world wide rules...still they need to go back to banking...lend at 5%, pay interest at 3% and take minimal risks...leave risks to non-traditional banks which should not have gov't protection...or I don't really know but damn they can be scary.

    3. Frig it...collect DNA and fingerprints at birth, put cameras on every street corner and everyone just behave!

  3. Just one more step towards Socialist U.S., or are we already there? Perhaps a step towards Communist U.S.? Just how much of our privacy are we willing to give up? I was reading an article yesterday that stated from an ex-government official that any email that you have ever written, the government can bring back up. Is this really the free nation we used to live in? They can read your emails; listen to your cellphone conversations; have complete files on just about every aspect of your life. Someday, I believe, we are going to regret allowing all of this government intrusion. What about Kerry stating yesterday that the "U.S. is going to sign the UN Arms Treaty"? There is no end to this in sight. At what point does anyone draw a line in the sand?

  4. Whoa I find myself agreeing with Joe! THAT doesn't happen every day :)

  5. I'm with Bruce and The Bug, which means I'm with Joeh. Everyone else just be quiet, you're outnumbered... ;-)

  6. I don't think I care if they have my DNA....what are they gonna do .... clone me....you can check with Scott on this but I think cloning me would be a big fu%$#@ mistake....the world can really only handle one of me a time.