Friday, June 14, 2013

Kids in the news....

My friend Kellie over at Delightfully Ludicrous has brought to our attention news of a new trend in kiddie potty training:  Forget diapers all together.  When the kid's face shows "1...2...3...PUSH!" you quickly hold them over a bowl.  This gives the little fellas the idea that they're supposed to make a deposit in a big, round, porcelain container.  


Yeah, that's all I could say, too.


And my friend Dana ( yes, I have TWO friends) at Bug's Eye View posted that as of June 13, 1920 kids could no longer be mailed parcel post.  Huh?  MAIL kids?  I had to look that one up.

When domestic parcel post service was introduced in the United States in 1913, Americans were finally able to send packages across the country at an affordable rate. Early on, some people chose to abuse this new service. At least two people sent their stamp-covered children through the mail before the Postmaster General was able to issue new regulations banning the practice.

You mean you could just mail them to Disney World and skip all the lines (and that airport connection in Atlanta)?  Apparently so, if you, and the kids, and Disney World had existed before June 13, 1920.

"Listen up kids....if y'all don't quit fightin' and clean up your rooms I'm not going to mail you to Disney World next month.  YOU HEAR ME?"

What I want to know is who fed the little tykes in transit and changed their diapers?  Or did they just poop in a bowl?  I'm thinking if there was ever an excuse for postal workers to go on strike, that was it.


Now we get news that the Del Ray Sushi Restaurant in Alexandria, VA is going one under 18 admitted.  Another restaurant, McDain's in Monroeville, PA bans kids under 6.

Of course many are outraged by the practice and vow to NEVER darken their doors, but there are plenty who seem to approve of the practice and keep the places packed.  

I personally think it's a great idea.  What do parents want more than anything after weeks and months of tending to scraped knees and runny noses and holding kids over bowls?  Some "adult time", right?  Maybe a movie, a quiet dinner at a nice overnight stay at a hotel would be heaven!

I think after 10 trips to the Playland at McDonald's or a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's parents deserve a trip to Del Ray Sushi or McDain's.

And you say....?


*I'll never be able to eat out of a bowl again!  Gee, thanks Kellie.*  ;)



  1. I don't do Sushi, but I would do kidless.

  2. I love Adult Only resorts. It's so *quiet*, even with Adult shenanigans. Kiddie voices, crying and shrieking go right up my spine. A restaurant without it? Heaven!! Thanks for the tip!

  3. I don't like the idea of kids being excluded from restaurants but it seems to me that the problem is parents not properly disciplining their kids, especially in public. If I acted up in public when I was small I would have gotten swatted with the back of a parent's hand. Children are no problem if they are well behaved.

  4. Times are different these days Steve. I could never get away with acting the way kids do today, and it's the PARENTS fault. And since kids are in fact often loud and unruly in public these days, I can understand the desire for a few adult only restaurants. The market will determine if it's a good idea or not.

  5. Thanks for the shout-out & the postal picture - that's hilarious!

    I'm a kid-hater. Not really, but it's not enjoyable to try to eat out somewhere when mayhem is happening all around you. And that's just the happy kids!

    I know a blogger who potty trained all her kids that way - and she says they only had a few accidents. Seems kind of labor intensive to me though - having to follow the child around everywhere. Or maybe parents already do that?

  6. That's awesome to have restaurants without annoying kids screaming and running around. Now if only they'd make supermarkets like that too.

  7. I have to admit I'm a little conflicted on the "no kids" rule. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of having a quiet place/restaurant with adults only and no shrieking kids. But then I do realize that kids have to learn how to act around adults, in adult settings, in restaurants with white table cloths and real silverware, etc.

    Yes, it's up to the parents to train their kids how to act appropriately. And after raising three kids, I realize that "training" takes I tend to be forgiving in cases of "brief mayhem."

    The photo of the kid in the mail bag is HILARIOUS!

  8. Every time you go to a house that has kids, you'll look at those bowls and you won't be able to help wondering ;D

  9. I'm thinking maybe the kid pooped in the mail bag and that's why the postman has that look on his face.