Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Too close for comfort

In yesterday's mail was a slick 3-fold Fiat brochure addressed to K.  Inside was a $500-off certificate if she buys one by August 31st. 

I went with her to a doctor's appointment today and as we were driving north back home on Central Expwy she (not so) casually slipped in, "Why don't we drive up to McKinney and check out the new Fiat's?"


"I have a $500-off certificate.  We can save $500!"  *But hurry....offer ends soon*

"But sweetie, your car has only 27,000 miles on it, and you only owe $3K.  Let's pay off your car and a couple of other debts we have, THEN you can buy a new Fiat."

"Well....could I get a cabrio?"  (Convertible)

"Yes, baby."

"Could I get one in that cool silver/gray color?"

"Any color you want, babe."




  1. Call now, cause we can't do this all day.

  2. You're hoping she forgets huh? I always get excited when I get those things in the mail. But, then I remember my car is paid for.

  3. Guess you'll have to intercept her mail next time. One of my Facebook "friends" lives in McKinney. Her husband is a cop so if you go speeding through there maybe you could meet him.

    1. Ummm....I'd just as soon he and I never meet. ;)

  4. Only 27,000 miles on the current car? That should give you enough time to pay off all your debts AND save up to pay for the Fiat in cash.

  5. Disaster averted. Don't you love it when advertisers tell ya how much money you'll save if you spend thousands of dollars?

    1. Sort of like, "But we can't be overdrawn. We still have some checks left." :)