Sunday, June 23, 2013

And not even a door ding? How is that possible?

This is one lucky guy.  Irv Gordon hasn't had a car payment since 1969.  I'm guessing at that because his car is a 1966 Volvo P-1800, so with a 36 month auto loan, that would mean 44 years payment free.  WooHoo!

And it gets better....he's a celebrity, or at least his car is, because it will very shortly surpass the 3,000,000 mile mark.  I wonder if he can pull in to a Volvo dealer and get a free oil change, and maybe a latte?  Considering all the free publicity he's getting for Volvo, I should think they'd at least comp him an oil change.

And it's actually a pretty cool car.  Not that it was ever a hot rod, but as sports cars are usually rather fragile, this one was built like a tank.  And it has a silver screen....actually a "small screen"....pedigree, too. 

It was the mount (don't go there 007 fans!) of TV's The Saint.

Vic seems to think his 3,000,000 mile record will stand forever.  Can you imagine a car today, ANY car made today with all it's electronics and super-sophisticated bits, still going strong after 3,000,000 miles?  Forty seven years, yes, if it's a Garage Queen.  But what's the fun of having a cool car if you can't drive it?

So lemme 'lil car has 107K miles on it in 6 1/2 years....that's about 16,500 miles per year....3,000,000 miles would take me....another 181 years.  

Vic...I agree.  I think your record is safe.  ;)



  1. I drive too much for any of my cars to last that long. In the mid-90s my dad bought my first car which was a 77 Nova, which had lasted 20 years mostly because it's owner hardly drove it. Once me (and then my sister) started to drive it regularly it was junked out in 5 years.

  2. It IS a cool looking car. Three million miles is quite an achievement. I average about a thousand miles a year, maybe less, so it would take eons for me to break Vic's record.

  3. I drive 400 miles a week, but even at that it would take more than my lifetime to drive that many miles. And we all know my Saturn isn't going to make it another year, much less my lifetime!

  4. Wow...three million miles, that means he could have driven to the moon and back more than six times. Well, that is, if you could drive to the moon. My little Honda Fit (nicknamed "The Mouse") averages about 8,000 miles per year.

  5. Let's see, I got my new Altima in December of last year. So I've owned it for just over six months and it's got 6274 miles on it. So that's about a thousand miles a month. Except it also includes a trip to California that put more than the monthly average on it. So, maybe 10,000 miles or less a year. I think this car will last longer than I will.

  6. Wow, there's no way it'll ever be broken. I'm pretty sure that these days they build cars to self destruct five years after you drive them off the lot.

  7. After just shy of three years, my 2010 Cobalt is up to about 7750 miles (actually 12500 kms). About 220 miles a month. That's all the math I'm doing :-)