Tuesday, June 18, 2013

So maybe I was a bit hasty with my opinion of baseball

My friend Dana over at Bug's Eye View has sent me THIS SHORT VIDEO of a recent Red Sox / Yankees opening day game as narrated by a British sportscaster / comedian.  You've convinced me, Dana, that my earlier unkind remarks about America's Pastime were way off base.  (See...baseball  metaphor  :)

I can relate to this guy.  Watch it and see if you don't agree he really livens up the game.  ;)


Two more just today:

This one from Arizona....

....and this one from Indiana.

Last Friday there was a BIG 18-wheeler moving van from Pennsylvania parked out front.  Its become a daily event.  Where are we gonna put all these people?  This is just insane.


Last week K's employer brought in a high-powered psychologist from California (Lord knows he gets plenty of practice out there!) to give a personality test to their Ivory Tower guys.  The goal is for everyone to learn what makes them tick and how they're wired, and to learn how to interact better with those who are wired (short-circuited?) differently.

After slapping the 3rd Floor guys around he moved downstairs to the huddled masses and gave them the test, too.  His assessment (of K at least) was surprisingly accurate.  I asked K to see if he could do an assessment of me, too, and he agreed.  I should get the results in a few days.

Now I'm having second thoughts about where this might lead. 



  1. That was a funny video - I'll probably have to watch it again tonight. Ha!

    Back when we were in seminary Mike & I took the Myers Briggs personality indicator - it was REALLY accurate & has helped us in our marriage tremendously. I can understand why he does the crazy things he does & vice versa :)

  2. I also enjoyed the video. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Yeah, this would definitely make baseball more entertaining to watch.

  4. no results yet....maybe you have him stumped LOL

  5. "... and they all scuttle off for a nap!"

    Definitely the best game of baseball I've ever watched!

  6. I've never taken a personality test...are there any good ones online that I could take for free?

    But then I already know what makes me tick. Gimme chocolate and I'll crawl over broken glass for you.

    So...you gonna share the results of your test with us?

  7. I'm going to see the Diamondbacks TROUNCE the Mariners in about an hour. I'll have that Brit broadcaster's commentary as an ear worm during the game.

  8. Well they didn't exactly TROUNCE them but they did win the game, 3 to 1. And it only lasted about 3 hours, so the ear worm didn't work on me though I tried to explain it to my friend.