Thursday, June 6, 2013

Is it just me?

I have got to be the un-luckiest person in the world.  This morning I was perusing the news and there was the tech guy from the NYT raving about Dashlane.  It's an app that can remember all your passwords (and we all know what trouble I have with that) and is pinky swear absolutely secure.  You can see it here, after the obligatory commercial, of course.

Whoa....thank you God!  It was as if the techie had said, "Listen up Scott Park....this is for YOU!"  I called for K to come see.  We both went back to our computers, her PC and my iMac, and downloaded it.  It will automatically sync everything between ALL your devices once set up.  *happy dance*

On K's PC the app came up and said, "Welcome.  We see that you have all these accounts and we have noted everything and upgraded you to 99.999% secure passwords.  You no longer have to sign in for anything, we'll do it for you automatically for as long as you shall live.  Enjoy."

On my iMac it said, "Click here to download.  Thank you."  Then......nothing.

HELLO.  Now what?  *silence*

I called K back over and asked her to take over for me as she is an excellent techie.  Nada.

Now her PC, iPhone and iPad are all synced up, while I'm still sittin' here beatin' 2 rocks together trying to make fire.  Grog sad.  

This has got to be the absolutely most user UN-friendly app EVER!  If it works on an iPhone and an iPad, why not on my  iMac?  I think there's some guy back at Techie Central who sees my name pop up and says, "Hey guys, come here.  It's him again.  You wanna screw with him some more?" *giggle*




  1. That's rough. Though my week has included a root canal and a flat tire on the same day.

    I guess I'll have to stick with trying to remember my passwords for right now then.

  2. I'm sorry Scott - Pat wins!

    Pat if it's any consolation, I read A Hero's Journey & loved it :)

  3. Scott, you are not the unluckiest person in the world. The guy who let the 84-year old woman in Zephyrhills, FL, go in front of him in the line for buying a Powerball ticket...he is the unluckiest person...

    1. That's only because I don't live in Florida. :)