Tuesday, September 6, 2011

More vacation, please

Ugh!!  Monday.  Er...Tuesday.  Whatever it is I don't like it.  Our weather has taken a huge turn for the better and it's far too nice to go to work.  Yesterday morning K and I woke up to find the temp in the 60's, so we went to a local nature preserve and did a 2.5 mile hike on one of their trails.  Later we migrated into Dallas proper where we had lunch al fresco at a dumpy old Hero sandwich shop that makes 'em like in the old days (before Subway).  Then some coffee and a visit to the bookstore, and finally back home.

Once home we sat inside for about 10 minutes and said, "screw this" and went back out again and walked around 'da hood.   We had a cold brew at Gingerman and people-watched for a while.  Later while walking some more we saw a sign in front of a new business opening soon:

It looks to me like it'll be a bar, but K said it was a place that "blows out" women's hair...and apparently serves wine and cocktails at the same time.  This concept makes no sense to me.  They don't color hair, and they don't cut hair, they just "blow it out"?  And get you liquored up?  Well, you'd have to be pretty liquored up to pay someone $35 to do that.  Somebody 'splain it to me.

Today it's just as nice out, but for some perverse reason I'm supposed to go to work.  Ugh!!



  1. It's too pretty of a day. It's wrong I tell you to have to go to work. Hope yours is a good one!

  2. ...Hero sandwich shop that makes 'em like in the old days (before Subway)...

    I feel the same way about most chain restaurants. I about flip every time I find a good place to eat that is not a chain.