Monday, September 5, 2011

This day is for you, Mom

Thank you, Mom....all moms for that matter....for all you've gone through to get us here.  Oh, I know, the morning sickness and dragging us around for 9 months wasn't exactly a picnic, but that whole "labor" thing was really above and beyond.  Hearing stories about what a pain in the a__ I was as a little kid, I can only imagine what you had to endure giving birth to me.  

Actually, the closest I can come is remembering the kidney stones I've had.  I've heard it said they are God's way of punishing men for putting women through labor.  Except my kidney stone was in reality the size of grain of salt, and I thought I was gonna die!  I recoil thinking of popping out a 6 or 8  (or more) pound kid.  Yikes!

So to say "thanks", Congress and I have declared this Labor Day in your honor.  You deserve it.  I love you, Mom.  ;)



  1. LOL, "labor" day! Just don't forget to fly the American flag on Mother's Day, then... ;-)

  2. Yeah, that whole labor thing of pushing a baby out of such a small hole is something akin to science fiction.

    Moms rule!

  3. That is cool - labor day for laboring mother's. I like it.