Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bring it on

My dad told the story of how when I turned 12 I told people I was "twelve-teen" because I wanted to be a teenager so badly.  In that same spirit I'm calling today "autumn-eve" because I want fall to get here so badly.  (I think it officially arrives tomorrow morning at o-dark-thirty.)  Our forecast for today: high temperature of 81 degrees with a 30% chance of rain.  See....the power of positive thinking!

Last week my Gore-Tex shell jacket arrived from LL Bean, and I went ahead and ordered a few T- and mock turtle neck shirts, too.  The Old Farmers Almanac calls for north Texas to have slightly warmer but wetter weather than normal this winter.  We'll see about that.

Our big remodel job will wrap up tomorrow.  Yea!!  (The building inspectors finally did make an appearance yesterday.)  My brother beat me to the punch, reserving next week for a vacation for himself.  That's OK.  I'll take some time off right after that.  Might even drop in on the State Fair for a Fletcher's Corny Dog.  On a low-cal stick, of course.  ;)


1 comment:

  1. You know I completely understand your love of fall but that doesn't mean I like the idea of it displacing Summer in these parts...

    I hope you get more business than you can handle and I also hope you make a billion bucks in short order.

    You can buy us all corn dogs then! I would like that very much...