Monday, December 26, 2011

Cabin Fever

What kind of phobia is it when you can't stay inside for too long at a time?  It's sort of like "cabin fever", but it sets in after about 3 or 4 hours.  Whatever it is, I have it.  Today K and I both have time off, and we're looking for ways to use it up.  First we're going to Wolfe/Ritz Camera and pick up some prints of Emma Belle that we're going to frame.  Then we're going by the vet's office to pick up Emma's ashes.  To some this might seem icky, but I find it very appropriate.  It is, after all, what I wish for myself some day.   She'll be put in a special place alongside Tara Belle, who died almost 5 years ago.

Then lunch at Fuzzy's Tacos.  They have the best tempura shrimp tacos, and of course some queso and guac, too.  An outing just isn't right to me without a visit to a bookstore, so we'll hit one of those, too, while we're out.  Finally, REI Co-op has been pushing all my impulse buttons today, so we'll drop in for a quick look-see.  Maybe they'll be giving away kayaks today to the first 10 people who come in on bended knees and grovel.  Or maybe I could get K to wear her "Erin Brockovich" shirt.  Yeah, we'd probably have better luck with that than with me groveling.  Haha!

That ought to burn at least half the day.  Any suggestions for the other half?  (Besides that.  I've already tried.)



  1. I must say that the name "Fuzzy's Tacos" isn't very appealing. Of course it's more about the food than the name. One of my favorite restaurants was called "The Crab Bowl," which sounded like a bathroom sanitation problem rather than a fine seafood restaurant. I hope you make time for a siesta this afternoon. Enjoy the day.