Thursday, September 20, 2012

The world's toughest job....

Q.  Do you know the profession that you would most likely starve to death pursuing?

Amman, Jordan

Baghdad, Iraq

Cairo, Egypt

Peshawar, Pakistan

Tehran, Iran

Tripoli, Libya

Damascus, Syria

Osama bin Laden's million-dollar estate in Pakistan.

A.  A paint salesman in the Mideast. *

No wonder they're always pissed off.  The heat, that awful music wailing from the loudspeakers, always having to lug around a grenade launcher, and those dirt-colored cities!  Maybe instead of sending them "democracy" we should try sending them some iTunes gift cards and some Sherwin Williams paint.  Couldn't hurt.  Might even cheer 'em up a little.


*Yes, I know....Pakistan is in SW Asia.  Picky, picky.


  1. I don't think there's much point in painting stuff when you've got sand blowing around all over.

    And besides the heat they can't drink alcohol or jerk off or even look at another woman who isn't a wife and she's probably in one of those burqa thingies so you can't see more than her eyes. On top of that the disparity between rich and poor is even worse than in America, which is part of how terrorists recruit people.

    Basically the whole thing over there is f-ed up.

  2. I've often wondered about the bare concrete and lack of color in Arab cities. Istanbul is very colorful, but of course it didn't start out as an Arab city. And why are there always so many rocks in the streets just waiting to be picked up and thrown? Of course all those falling bullets from guns being fired indiscriminately would ruin a good paint job.

  3. The Jordanians have a nice big flag.

  4. Great obseration! Except for Arafats tablecloth hat I neer see any color intheir clothes either. Great color in their carpets so they do have dye. I guess anything not miserable is a sin.