Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Where do they get this stuff?

Over this past weekend I saw several things that really got my attention.  There are funny, odd things everywhere if we'll just look for them.  This one had me absolutely ROFLMAO:

We were at The Whole Earth Provisioning Company (or as I call it, "The Hippie Store") when the cover of this book, F for Effort, More of the Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers by Richard Benson caught my eye.  It had me rolling in the aisle.

(Everyone knows the correct answers are "Sam" and "Brenda".  Duh!  ;)


Then later I saw the message on the rear of this truck, which caused me to do a double-take.  In fact, I caught up with it in order to get this photo:

Look carefully.  It says "Emergency Ice"....for "restaurants, hotels, clubs, special events, and concrete".   What the....CONCRETE?  Huh?  

"I'll have a concrete on the rocks, please."


Finally, on the online edition of USA Today I saw this:

Police bust ends 'free sex after nine car washes'

Thank you Police!  The very idea, my wife making me wash her car 9....NINE!....times before she....  

(I'm all prunie after just 4 washes.  No way I'd make nine!)


  1. Ha! All of those are really funny.

  2. I needed a few good laughs today. Thanks for providing them.

  3. Very funny! That emergency ice would go well with emergency margaritas!

  4. I was looking just this morning for some emergency ice, the concrete was a bit hot outside and if only I had some ice.

    Glad you got that shot :)

    nine car washes, my car is sure clean now.