Saturday, December 29, 2012

Can we just lynch Congress and be done with this? Why not?

NOW we're talkin'!  
(I stole this photo off my friend Kathy Mizell's Facebook page.)

What is it with these wacko nut job Tea Party-ers?  They can't even get along with half of their own Republican Party.  Since the Tea Party gained traction several years ago there have been numerous sitting congressmen from both parties say they would not run for re-election as they were no longer proud to serve in Congress.  They say going to work every day and confronting these Tea Party-ers is unbearable.  

I understand standing firm on moral matters, but nothing Congress does falls in the category of "morality".  That would be the ultimate oxymoron!  They're just a bunch of sleazeballs trying to get all they can while they can for themselves and their fat cat friends.

The American people are NOT extremists.  We believe in compromise.  In fact we founded an entire country on compromise.  It's worked for well over 200 years, but now all of a sudden these Tea Party-ers have a better idea?  They're smarter than our Founding Fathers?  Ha!  I'm surprised they can even walk upright!

Extremism didn't work for the Democrats back in the 80's, and it won't work for the Republicans today.  But until they can be eradicated they are screwing the American people like I've never seen before.

The "austerity" the Tea Party-ers advocate has been ongoing in Europe for several years now and is NOT working.  In fact it's making things worse.  While the goal (reigning in government) is probably necessary, the timing is atrocious.  You start cutting back when the economy is healthy and can afford to absorb the hit.  You don't kick people in the teeth when they're already down for the count.

OK, I feel better now.  Not really, but my fingers are cramping.

Now, go out there and have a great weekend.  Unless you're a Congressman.  Then get your ass to work.  Vacation request DENIED!




  1. Your points are all well made and I can't disagree with anything you say. I miss the Grand Old Party, the one that was able to produce statesmen capable of compromise to keep this country on the right path.

  2. It would be nice if these Tea Party idiots could ever really listen to themselves. Basically they're saying, "If millionaire's can't have a 3% tax cut then no one can! [evil chuckle]" That's a great way to get reelected. Oh, right, that's why they didn't.

  3. I've seen the same sign on Facebook posts, and I couldn't agree more.

    And what's with them, anyway? They are agains tax increases, but going off the fiscal cliff will lead to tax increases.