Friday, December 28, 2012

If you don't want to break 'em, don't make 'em

Yes, it's that time of the year again, time when we declare our New Year's Resolutions, those things we're going to do different next year that will have miraculous effects on our life.  And a couple of days later it will be the time of year when we have to least to ourselves, sometimes publicly....that we don't have the willpower of a wino in a liquor store.

And the reason we fail so miserably every year is because we aim WAAAY too high.  "I'm going to diet and lose 40 pounds, join a gym and work out 4 days a week until I have the body of one of those Cross Fit people, eat sensibly, give up booze, and get my 10 hours of sleep every night.  Amen."

And then one-by-one you fall off the wagon and by the next December you've gained another 5 pounds, found that your preferred shape is 'round', developed an addiction to bacon and a taste for Ripple, and learned the best classic movies are on at 2 am.

So here's what I've learned from my 62 years on Planet Earth....aim loooooooow.  These are my resolutions for 2013:

1.  I'm going to work extra-hard to keep my weight within a very narrow range....say 10%....of where it is right now.

2.  I'm going to take the stairs instead of the elevator every time I take the dog out for his dootie-call.  (Note:  I live on the second floor, and the stairs are closer than the elevator.)

3.  I'm going to confine my food intake to ONLY those things that can be identified as belonging to one of the major food groups.

4.  I'm going to drink alcohol only on days that end in 'y'.  (I'm not a big drinker, so this should be a slam dunk.)

5.  I'm not going to take up the use of tobacco in any form.

6.  I'm going to limit my sleep to a maximum of 10 hours a night.

See how this works?  Now be brave.  Go out there and push yourself.

Happy New Year!  



  1. LOL you are awesome


  2. After many years of falling off the wagon with a resounding thud, I've decided to pass on the New Years Resolutions this year.

  3. I make New Year's resolutions every year. Contrary to so many people, I keep mine.

    1. Eat more chocolate.
    2. Eat more chocolate.
    3. Eat more chocolate.

    I like yours, too.

  4. Go for it can do it!!

  5. My New Year's Resolutions:

    1. Take the elevator more
    2. Sleep more

    I'm already practicing.
    Good luck with yours!