Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bummer weekend

I hate it when my weekends fizzle.  I don't mind it if a Tuesday or a Thursday bombs, but don't mess with my weekends.

Yesterday was Cars and Coffee, but as I came down with some sort of sinus congestion/snotting/blowing/coughing condition on Friday night (no fever), and since Saturday morning it was 30 degrees with a wind chill of 23, I decided to pass on C&C.  Yet I still had to go to a business meeting.  Something is waaaay wrong with this picture!  

And to rub salt into the wound, on the way to my meeting I could see the Cars and Coffee site from the freeway, and it was packed. 

Then today K and I had planned to go see our newest family member, granddaughter Reese, but with my snotting and sneezing I decided to spare the poor child.  I am getting out long enough to go to the pharmacy for some Flonase, then by Starbucks for a coffee to-go.  Otherwise I'm stuck here today.

One good thing I found today....Teledoc.  It's a feature of our health insurance that allows us to call an 800 number and talk to a doctor, and if the ailment is something minor like mine, they'll call in a Rx without requiring a face-to-face visit.  I like.

I found an English rugby game on TV I'm taping for playback later, and I have a James Bond movie in the wings for later this evening, too.  I guess I'll muddle through.

Hope y'all are having more fun than me today.  ;)



  1. Business meeting? Do I have to remind you YOU ARE RETIRED!

    That "Phone a Doc" sounds like a great idea. I hope some lawyer doesn't ruin it.

    1. SEMI-retired, Joe. I still help out bro some. I do draw a little salary and I still own half the company.

      Yeah, Teledoc works great. This is one of those annoying ailments that I would not have gone to the doctor for...I would have just toughed it out. But with help just a phone call away....


  2. I'm a big believer in Afrin. No prescription necessary and a clogged nose is open up before you have time to set down the bottle. Get well soon.

  3. I'm sorry you're feeling crappy, hope you get better soon.

  4. I hope you feel better soon!

    Couch and TV time sound like my ideal weekend. Of course, minus the congestion.