Tuesday, March 19, 2013

You know what I'd like to see?

For some time now K has been watching all those cable TV cooking shows.  I'll admit I sorta enjoy watching them, too. My favorite is Giada De Laurentiis.

She boils a mean pot of water.

But I digress.  What I've noticed is that, without fail, they will whip something up, take a bite, throw their heads back and almost orgasmically coo, "Mmmmmmmm!"

Giada does it very well.

Paula Deen does it, too.

As does Rachel Ray.

And it's not just the ladies.  Guy Fieri does it.

So does Bobby Flay.  They all do it.  It's just how they end their shows.

For once, I'd like to see one of them cook like crazy for half an hour, tease us like they do telling us how good it's gonna be, then with the credits running take a big bite and go....

"Oh my Gawd, y'all.  This tastes like crap.  Forget everything I just did.  Don't cook this shit for anyone you love.  Well, OK, it might make a good "breakup" last meal with that dud you're trying to ditch, but no one else."

  "Quick....mouthwash, wine.....SOMETHING....NOW!"  *blech*




  1. We enjoy watching the high end dog shows, and we often think that it would be refreshing for the public address announcer when describing a particular breed, for him to say "this breed is a really unpleasant creature, a poor companion, hard to train, and terrible with children."

    Instead, it appears every dog is a gift from God himself.

    1. Yes, I'd like to see that, too. I love dogs, and the TV dog shows. Right there with ya'.


  2. I've never liked how when they go on morning talk shows they always have the dish already made so they tell you all this stuff to do and then just pull a completed one right from the oven. I try that but there's never anything in my oven already precooked.

  3. That would be pretty funny - it sure happens in our kitchen often enough.

  4. Ha ha but I think those show never make it on air.

  5. Videotape is a wonderful invention for these shows!

  6. Giada does it spectacularly! What channel is she on?

    You nailed this one Scott. I can now remove a future post from my idea list cause you beat me to it and did it well at that.


  7. What I'd like to have happen in my kitchen is that all the ingredients (you know, the 24 different spices, oils, and various chopped stuff!) are lined up in cute little glass containers on my counter.

    Then I could fix a fantastic meal in the hour that the TV cooks say it takes to make the recipe.