Saturday, March 9, 2013

Payback is SWEET!

I'm pretty sure K took a nasty bump to the head.  While I didn't actually see the incident, the evidence is overwhelming, Exhibit A being that she has begun to throw away perfectly good food.

Yesterday at 11:30 I was scheduled to be part of a focus group.  Knowing this would interfere with my customary mid-day solid fuel replenishment, I had made a mental note to finish off my last few pieces of jalapeno and cheese summer sausage specially made for me by my friend David @ David's Meats.  

This stuff is awesome!  Just enough jalapeno to light you up, yet stop short of spontaneous combustion.  So before I left I opened the refrig looking for my butcher-paper-wrapped carnivore's delight....and it was GONE!  Poof!  Vanished!

As I was digging furiously through the refrigerator hoping that it had just somehow been misplaced, K asked me, "Whatcha lookin' for?"

"My jalapeno and cheese summer sausage.  I was gonna eat a few slices now to tide me over until after my focus group convenes."

"Oh....that.  Yeah, I threw it out."


"I threw it out.  It had turned green."

*as I bit a chunk out of my tongue*  "Umm, sweetheart....I'd been saving that for my quickie lunch today.  And besides, it hadn't 'turned green'.  That green stuff you saw was jalapeno.  It's supposed to be there."

Later in the day K added insult to injury:  "OK, I have to confess....I didn't actually see green stuff growing on your summer sausage.  I just assumed that since it had been in the refrig more than a couple of days it had turned green.  Sorry."

"Assumed?  You just assumed....?"

"I just said I saw it there because I thought you'd yell less if you thought it had actually gone bad."

I'm thinkin' she owes me.  BIG time!  Wonder where you can rent a French maid's outfit for an evening.  *wink*



  1. Apparently I do have a filter because I will not make a comment on jalapeno sausage and the french maid picture. Oops, maybe I just did...almost.

    Anyway I rate this a 4 chuckle one audible laugh post. That is a very high rating from a cranky old man...well done!

    Hmmm...I like this rating system I think I will continue to use it. Your next comment from me might look like this:


    1. So "two thumbs up" is on its way out? Good riddance. 3C/1A from you, sir, is an honor. ;)


  2. I'm guilty of throwing stuff away in the fridge too. If it's been there a while, I guess we don't need it. Until 5 minutes later when Chris looks for it! :)

  3. LOL! She confessed? She had the perfect out, the fact that you knew there were green bits like she'd said, and she still confessed?

    Rookie mistake.

  4. I threw it out because it was EASY to throw out LOL....wrapped up in a butcher paper as it was.

    There is some ancient (by ancient I mean 2 wks old) french onion dip in there I didn't touch because it's in a fairly new plastic container....I could wash it out...but normally I would just toss the whole thing in the trash. The new-ness of the plastic containers prevents that...


  5. She threw out your summer sausage? Never mind the French maid's outfit, she owes you a night with a French maid, period.

    (This is where you make points with her by protesting that you love her more than any French maid, and then she makes up for everything by buying you a huge new summer sausage. I'm glad I could help.)