Thursday, March 28, 2013

Too much time on my hands....

Meet UK residents Ryan and Jade King and their son, George.  The interesting thing to note here is that baby George was born weighing 15 pounds, 7 ounces, and that Jade was in labor for 16 hours.  I can only imagine the stream of invectives Jade hurled at Ryan for 16 freakin' hours!  Check out this little butterball:

I wonder what the sequence of events were?  Birth, bottom spank, weigh-in, trip to the barber shop?  Looks like daddy Ryan is going to have to find a new hobby.  ;)


You know it's gonna be a bad day when you wake up, look out your window, and see....

"Umm, Marge....remember when you said you liked 'living on the edge'?"

An entire neighborhood in the Seattle area lost their back yard yesterday when it just fell off into Puget Sound.  I wonder if this was one of those exclusions mentioned in the fine print on page 36 of their homeowners insurance policy?


How come we can't have nice dining places like this where I live?  It sort of makes my "drive-thru" dining experience kinda lame.  (I wonder if it's because of our 100+ degree heat for much of the year?)

I really need to stop perusing the internet so much.  ;)



  1. That baby was in the oven too long. Your right about the husband getting beaten up, that's why men belong in the bar during delivery.

    Beautiful on the edge is right!

    Looks like Little Italy in NYC...hmmm may be a trip to the city in my future...unbelivably good food...if your in the area let's go!

  2. That is one ginormous baby! Sheesh! Makes me extra glad I decided not to have any...

    That crater is pretty terrifying - I think I might have to consider moving - fast!

    We have some restaurants like that up here - but they aren't being used just yet. Maybe another week or two ;)

  3. Have they been doing some fracking around Puget Sound?

    That kid's probably got a great future ahead of him as a sumo wrestler.

  4. That baby looks like he's about three months old. Ouch!!!

  5. Yikes. I think I have seen a 13 pounder and he looked like a football player. That is extreme.

  6. I had two almost 10-pound kids...I can't imagine a 15-pound baby!

    That landslide in Washington looks fascinating... I'm sure the people living there don't think of it that way, but I've worked with geologists and sinkhole reports for over five years, and this stuff is just, well, fascinating. In a nerd kind of way.

  7. That kid has an amazing head of hair! He's obviously destined to front a boy band.

  8. Man, that child looks like he's about three years old.

    Yeah, clearly too much time on your hands, my friend.

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