Friday, March 15, 2013

Car talk

Today a couple of friends and I are going to the Dallas Auto Show.  At least that's how it's billed.  In years past it might have been more truthful to label it the Dallas Truck Show.  We'll see if our regional locomotive tastes have changed since I last attended.

I know there are some really fine cars in Dallas as I see them every month at our local Cars and Coffee event.  But those events are aimed specifically at enthusiasts, not for the masses.  The Auto Show has traditionally been where Bubba Joe and his "old lady" go to spec out their matching 'his 'n hers" Dooley's.

I remember my Dad loved his Cadillac's.  Back in his day you had "arrived" when you could buy a Cadillac.  That usually meant when you were at least well into middle age.  I called it an "old man's car", although never to his face.  I figured he deserved to have his fun, too, so I just smiled and gave him a thumbs up.

More recently Cadillac has tried to revamp its image by appealing to younger people, and based on its sales numbers I guess it has succeeded.  They established the hard-angled-crease theme as their design signature, rather reminiscent of the once supreme F-117 Stealth fighter.

See the similarity?  The only problem with this is the F-117 has long been considered obsolete, the last ones relegated to the desert aircraft boneyard years ago.  I guess GM didn't get that memo.

I'm sure there will be lots of Caddy's on display today, but I'm hoping to see something more exotic, too.  When I was in London a few years ago my timing just happened to coincide with the London Auto Show, so I went.  WOW!  It was an extravaganza, with makes and models and sights I'd never seen before.  

I keep hoping that maybe, just maybe, a little of that might somehow slip into the Dallas Convention Center.  A few models wearing something besides boots and cowboy hats would be appreciated as well.

Fingers crossed.  Back later with photos.



  1. It's sad to think of those Stealth planes in the desert. Think how much Russia or China or Iran would pay us for just one of those!

  2. The MInneapolis Auto show is playing, too, and I'm hoping to get there. No matter how extravagent and impractical, nothing like a gleaming concept car to get the male pulse racing.

  3. I must be getting old, I love the new Caddy. Did know the stealth planes were retired, how do you find them?

  4. Looking forward to your pictures. You'll get bonus points from me if you have a picture of a male model wearing nothing besides boots and cowboy hat.

  5. I've been to a few car shows in my time, but the extent of my knowledge about what we were looking at seemed to be "Ooh, that one doesn't have a roof!" and "I think I like the pink one best".

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