Monday, March 18, 2013


Did you see this court scene yesterday when 2 teenage star football players were convicted of rape in Ohio?  Right on que they started crying and telling the victim, her family, and anyone who would listen how sorry they were.  

That's the way it always works.  People seem to find remorse as soon as they're arrested, and certainly after being found guilty, right before sentencing.

A little suspicious?  If they had gone home after the rape, felt guilty, and then turned themselves in, I might believe their pleadings of remorse.  It's never too late to get forgiveness, I understand, but how come people only realize they've done something bad AFTER they're caught doing it?


Remember this scene from a few days ago when hundreds of thousands of people crowded St. Peter's Square looking/hoping for white smoke to come pouring from the little stovepipe at the Vatican?  Here's what I want to know:  Where were the porta-potties?  

Did they have a couple of hundred just a block away out of sight?  I mean, wouldn't that be considered "tending to the needs of the flock"?  I'd think that should be #2 (pardon the pun) right behind "salvation". 

Does anyone but me think of things like this?  It's a helluva lot of responsibility I carry.  ;)



  1. I had not thought about the porta-potties until now, but that is a good point. I hate crowds like that and bathroom facilities are part of the reason. I remember an air show in Dayton in 2003 where they had a lot more people than anticipated so if you had to use the can you had to wait in line forever or find some discreet bush somewhere to do your business.

  2. You do bring to light the important issues of the day. I can't believe that I didn't wonder where the porto-potties were seeing as how I tend to have to go about every 5 minutes (or maybe it just feels that way).

    I had a friend who commented that one of those guys texted (or called?) the girl asking if she was going to go to the police & then threatening her about it. Not sure whether that's true, but if so then I'd say the remorse was for being caught, not for the crime...

  3. The only thing they are sorry about is the fact that they got caught and convicted. those tears were not for their victim but for themselves.

  4. Regarding the rape - THe sad thing is they did not think they were doing anything wrong at the time. THe remorse is "Gee if we knew it was that serious we never would have done it. We thought that since she was drunk and maybe had a reputation that it was no big deal and we were just having fun. We are so sorry!" Too late for tears...

    Times Square on NYE doesn't have enough Porta poties and that crowd is drinking BEER!!

  5. I'm similarly skeptical of this kind of remorse, created by the fact they were caught and convicted. At the same time, I"m also worried about the motivation to "punish" offenders. Penal justice should be about protecting the public from danger. If we're too intent on punishing these guys rather than rehabilitating them, we may find them released from prison some day as even greater dangers than they are now.

    Not defending their actions, obviously. Just suggesting we view the entire issue as one of public health and safety, not moral retribution.

    I"ve been at the VAtican during big public events. They do indeed have hundreds of portable toilets, but they are located in the areas outside St. Peter square

  6. Porta-potties?

    I can hold it, thankyouverymuch.

  7. You know, I hadn't even considered what all those people would do if they needed to go to the toilet!