Monday, March 25, 2013

Super star or dunce?

Yesterday was Luke's first day at doggie obedience training.  So far the results are up in the air:  He's either A:  Smarter than the instructor, or B:  Dumber than dirt.

The exercise was to get him to sit via "positive reinforcement" (a tiny treat).  We were supposed to tease him with a treat, taking it to his nose/mouth, then slowly moving it back over his head so he would look up...up...up until his butt went to the ground, then say "YES!" and give it to him.  The other 11 dogs performed the trick as advertised.  My dog just backed up

There were several other exercises we did that also used treats as rewards.  The other dogs were just lapping it up:  "Look at me....'YES!''s your treat.  Over and over...."Look at me....'YES!''s your treat."  My dog got filled up with treats, declared "class over", then just sat there watching everyone else.  Once I think I even heard him mumble, "Suckers".

Now if they would just give out diplomas for butt sniffing..... 




  1. Maybe he needs the remedial obedience class.

  2. That is so funny. I think he's a smart pooch! He got what he wanted! I love dogs they are the best. That pic up there is freaking hilarious!!


  3. He might be dicklicksic, try holding the treat upside-down!

  4. What Joeh said, except I never would have thought to say it!

  5. Reminds of a caption from an old B Kliban cartoon....

    "Short on brains, but a terrific dancer."