Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"Good for what ails you"

Anyone remember the original TV Beverly Hillbillies?  I recall one episode when the banker neighbor, Mr. Drysdale, had a cold.  He went to the doctor and was told to just rest and drink fluids and his cold would pass in about ten days.

Mr. Drysdale mentioned to Granny it was hard to believe in this day and age science couldn't come up with a cure for the common cold.  Granny said, "You mean you city folk don't know how to cure a cold?  Back in the hills we've known how to cure a cold for years."

Mr. Drysdale had visions of marketing this wonder drug and getting rich.  So Granny mixed him up a owls foot, some squirrel brains, the bark off a maple tree, etc.  Mr. Drysdale was ecstatic!

Then Granny told him, "Take a spoon full of this twice a day for 10 days and your cold will be gone."

I think this is the same medical rationale for the high-dollar med I'm taking to kick my sinus ick.  (I paid $60, but the list price was $265.)  The pharmacy instructions say to take one pill a day for 10 days and my sinuses should be back to normal.

Well, duh!  I could probably eat a small bag of Corn Nuts every day for 10 days and my sinus ick would be gone, too.


Anyone want to buy 10 bags of Corn Nuts for $265?  Granny and I guarantee it will cure whatever ails you!  If not 100% satisfied, return for a full refund (less shipping and handling, of course).  Be the first on your block to call and we'll DOUBLE your order....20 bags of Corn Nuts for the same $265!  ;)



  1. I read a story last night where a bumbling doctor "cured" a fever in a village by giving the people an even worse disease that made them vomit and such so much that they wished they just had a fever. He probably should have just sold them some Corn Nuts.

  2. Corn nuts and 10 days rest by the Seement pond should do it!

    Funny post except for the your feeling like crap part.

  3. Good luck getting rid of your sinus ick!


  4. I remember that episode, I actually tried her cure and you know it actually works :)

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