Friday, July 12, 2013

Bacon Bacon, and More....WITH EDIT

Have you heard the latest twist to the life or death saga of Bacon Bacon, the San Francisco restaurant that specializes in dishes that contain that special male aphrodisiac?  Some residents of the area had complained of the smell of bacon permeating the neighborhood and had succeeded in having it shut down.  *gasp*  

Yesterday the court allowed Bacon Bacon to reopen if they uprated their ventilation system.  I should hope so.  If there was ever a reason to rally....riot even....for a cause, this was it.  Those anti-bacon types better not try any of that nonsense here in Texas!  We love our bacon, and we have the waistlines to prove it.


I understand Edward Snowden, the guy who stole top secret gubment info and fled to Hong Kong (who then shipped him on to Russia) is about to make his move again.  He's been holed up in the Moscow airport for a month, and I'm guessing is smelling pretty ripe by now.  So far the only countries who say they will take him are a couple of banana republics in Latin America and Venezuela (not much better).

Can you imagine what 'ol Ed is thinkin'?  "This has NOT worked out like I thought.  I'm gonna spend the rest of my life in Bo-f__king-livia, swatting flies and selling souvenir 'Che' t-shirts to tourists.  Crap!"  

Smart career move, Ed.

EDIT:  U-turn....the f__ker is staying in Russia.  (Not a safe place, Ed.  "Bad things" can happen to people there.  *wink* )


This is a follow-up to a post of a few weeks ago where I suggested that some kind of immigration reform needs to be implemented ASAP.  The main argument for just rounding up undocumented workers and escorting them back across the river is that they are taking away jobs from legal Americans who need work.

I received an email from my patterned concrete vendor yesterday pleading with all their customers to please be patient with them.  It went on to say concrete was in short supply, they had jobs backed up for 3 weeks, the concrete companies couldn't hire enough drivers, they themselves couldn't hire enough employees, etc.

If you're wondering, this ^ is specialty patterned concrete.

OK all you native born Americans of whatever color you might be who were shunted aside by illegals who got that job meant for you.  You say you want to work?  Here's your chance.  You're up.  The hiring signs are out and the pay is good.


*Still waiting....*

Have a great weekend everyone.  Stay cool.  :)



  1. Hmmm, my brother needs a job, maybe he should go work in concrete in Texas!

    I imagine It won't be that bad for Snowden in Venezuela. They'll treat him like a national hero just to piss off America, much like Elian Gonzalez when he went back to Cuba. Still it seems like a kind of Hotel California can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!

  2. Nooo - not the bacon restaurant! Although even I might get tired of smelling it 24/7 (there needs to also occasionally be chocolate smells too!).

    Now, see that work is just too hard. Out in the Texas sun all day... No, I'll just stick with my cushy office job!

  3. I have always said [and will continue to stand by said thoughts] that there are certain types of jobs that the average unemployed American is NOT going to matter what. Let's take a look at the list shall we [my own list off the top of my head]

    1. concrete workers/construction
    2. roofers
    3. agricultural workers - you know that salad on your table? IF you can find a citizen to go pick your lettuce - do you really want to pay $10 bucks for a head of lettuce?

    IF you could find some hard working citizens of this country to fill these crucial jobs [and many many many more] the costs would go up.

    "Illegals" play a crucial role in our stop your crying [shakes head and proclaims First World problems]

    Kelly Park

  4. Did you see the recipe on Facebook. Grill some bacon, spread it out in a platter, top it with arugula, some shaved Parmesan cheese, a few tiny tomatoes and a light dosage of Balsamic vinegar. Satisfies everyone!

    I must agree with Kelly (ask the Alabama tomato growers) but I have a solution. Bring back Snowden and put him to work doing concrete!

    1. Kelly and I agree on this. My point was, we NEED these workers, and they are not taking many if any American jobs. They do work, and do it well, that most of us wouldn't touch for love or money.

      Good idea about Snowden. You know, people have been known to trip and fall when pouring concrete, and somehow never reappear. Oh shucky darn. ;)


  5. That patterned concrete is so much nicer than the plain slabs. There are plenty of help wanted signs in our part of town but nobody seems interested in taking them. I even applied for one recently and didn't even get an interview. Oh well; what do I know about art supplies.

  6. Sssshhhh...don't tell anyone...I don't eat bacon. But shutting down a bacon restaurant doesn't sound right to me.

    I wish I had read the article, but I only saw a headline a few days ago - that if illegal workers were made legal, they would pay BILLIONS in taxes. Wouldn't that save a couple of our nation's problems.

    And yes, you can have all my bacon allotment.

  7. Everybody's got stuff to do. The hours aren't right.
    And there's likely not enough bacon.

  8. I apologize for ignoring the bacon issue altogether [i was in such a mood yesterday]....bacon is our friend....don't let that bacon go to waste....honor those pigs by eating as much bacon as you can.

    [bacon is one of those foods that is curious as to HOW it became food at all....somebody had to say "Hey, I know let's take this pig belly fat and fry it up!" the only thing more odd was the guy who said "Hey let's take the pig skin and fry it up!"]

  9. Hah - Kelly's bacon-as-food explanation reminds me of the question who first thought of drinking cow's milk. "See those dangly bits underneath this big, fierce-looking animal? I think I'll squeeze them and drink whatever comes out."

    1. OK, now apply that logic to chicken eggs.