Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Viva Egypt!

The news is full of reports and photos from Egypt showing huge crowds protesting against President Mohammad Morsi, and they keep referring to Egypt as one of America's "key allies".  Now I don't profess to be a Mid-East expert, but I have no idea what Egypt has done to deserve the designation of "key ally".  Anybody help me out?

True, we always seem to have a couple billion of those pesky 'ole Greenbacks littering the Washington landscape and every year Egypt sends a delegation over to Hoover 'em up for us.  And they're not taking pot-shots at Israel, so I guess that's good. 

And they do allow us to send busloads of tourists to see their really old rock piles....that's pretty cool.  But otherwise....?

Here's an idea that might calm them down:  Why don't they buy some paint and spruce the place up?  Have you ever seen a more blah looking landscape?  If I lived in Cairo I'd be protesting in the streets, too.  How depressing!  Makes you want to grab a Molotov cocktail and burn something up, doesn't it?

But back on today's theme....what does Egypt have to offer that makes them a critical American ally?  Isn't Egyptian cotton supposed to be the best in the world?  So without their cotton we wouldn't have 1200-thread-count sheets?  Is that their contribution to world peace and prosperity? 

*Ding!*  I get it now!  I hope they can work things out, 'cause the world needs their fancy sheets, you know.  

Meanwhile, here's hoping you have a safe and happy July 4th.  :)



  1. There wouldn't seem any sense painting things since the sand blowing around would probably just scrape it away. I guess I haven't paid much attention to the latest Egyptian thing. Didn't they just elect this guy last year? Now they already want him out? Well guys, maybe you shouldn't have voted for him then. Come on a lot of us hated W but we didn't camp out outside the White House to demand his resignation. I guess they haven't figured out how representative democracy works yet. If you hate the guy, you let him screw up the country as much as possible during his term and then vote for someone else to come in and try to pick up the pieces.

  2. I think they control The Suez Canal.


    1. True Dave, but is the Suez canal as strategically important as it once was, at least to the US? Our trans-Pacific trade far surpasses our trans-Atlantic trade, and today's Large Container Ships and Super Tankers won't fit through the Suez canal anyway.

  3. I've long wondered about this. Of course Egypt contains the vast majority of the Arab population, which was why it was so important that Jimmy Carter got them to sign a peace treaty, which Sadat paid for with his life. But I don't see much reason for sending suitcases full of money to Cairo or anyplace else.

  4. I think at one time they helped broker some semblance of peace with Israel and Palestine, but much of that was to keep getting aid. I think they are a very flimsy ally at best.

  5. Does anyone else find it a bit humorous that the military ANNOUNCED their coup? Who does that? It's a bit like announcing a surprise party.

  6. I liked the part where they had fireworks at the ready..... somebody actually thought "hey if this coup thing works .... let's have some fireworks ready so we can celebrate! That will be awesome!"