Friday, July 19, 2013

Sports cheating? Who'd have thunk it?

Looks like another scandal is brewing in the Olympics.  No, it has nothing to do with doping, the usual athletic sin.  This time it has to do with cheating on the test for Olympians to go on to become judges in their sport.  That would be the ever-popular sport of, wait, they don't have wrestling in the Olympics any more.  This time it involves the high-stakes sport of "dancin' around with a ribbon on a stick".

*gasp*  So you mean previous great Olympic "rhythmic gymnasts" like 'ol....umm....what's-her-name....the one featured on the Wheaties box....what's that you say?....she wasn't on a Wheaties box?  Wheaties said they'd never heard of rhythmic gymnastics?

Maybe it's just me, but I don't understand how ribbon waving made it into the Olympics.  If that's such a big-deal sport, why then not marble shooting, or hula hooping, or horseshoes?


Speaking of sports, professional football is inching it's way back into the news....who's not yet signed a contract, who's still nursing injuries, etc.  On this morning's local news their informal poll-of-the-day was "How far do you think the Dallas Cowboys will go this year?"

8% said "the Superbowl" (obviously delusional)

17% said "the playoffs"  (only slightly less delusional)

77% said "are the Mavericks playing yet?"

Ha!  Take THAT Jerry Jones!  (Cowboy's owner)  *Brooklyn raspberry*

By my math that equals 102%  (Sorta like Chicago election vote counting, huh?  ;)


Gotta come out of retirement to play CEO again today.  Adios, y'all.  Enjoy your weekend.



  1. "Playing CEO". :-) Why I oughta...


  2. I was a "Ribbon-on-a-stick" second stringer in high school.

  3. As CEO you can now speak to your crew in French. Ha! Have a great weekend.

  4. I don't get how the Olympics could drop wrestling which was one of the ancient sports from the very first Olympics back in ancient Greece and keep things like ribbon twirling and table tennis. I always say any sport I do can't be a sport, which includes NASCAR and the like. I mean come on I can drive a car and given the chance I could probably drive as well at 200mph as Danica Patrick.

    Basically if you're in Dallas right now all your sports teams are doomed. The Cowboys suck, the Mavericks are old, and the Stars aren't very good. I guess root for your local college team.

  5. Ugh football - blah blah blah... Ha!

  6. Who is Jerry Jones? Sounds like a comedian. Wait! It is! ;)

  7. Cowboys? I thought cowboys rode around on horses and herded cattle. And a super that an extra large bowl? Like for my ice cream?

  8. I'm not sure if ribbon waving is a sport, but then i cant really judge. If I had my way Texas Hold'em would be in the Olympics,