Tuesday, July 2, 2013

"Rode hard and put away wet"

Last night K and I babysat two of our wonderful grand-kidlettes while the parents took some "kicker" dance lessons.  My only advice to my daughter and SIL:  They should limit those kids to decaf ONLY.

After a full 15 rounds....er....3 hours, I think an impartial judge would have called it a "draw".  K actually stood her ground....I was behind the curve all night.  Hers liked to play baseball and basketball, so they pitched and batted and shot baskets all evening.  Mine liked to point and grunt and wet herself, and I soon realized I've lost my proficiency in speaking "point and grunt", but the diaper thing I nailed!  Fortunately I learned she liked my iPhone, which saved me.  

The important thing is nobody got hurt.  Yes, I'm fine, thank you for asking.  (Seriously, they're great kids! ;)


The weatherguesser this morning noted the West is having one of its hottest summers on record, and the East is having one of its wettest summers ever.  I wonder what the summer holds for Texas?

This morning here in Dallas we're within one degree of setting a record low temperature for this date.  Do I dare hope?



  1. My nieces like playing with cell phones too. They're so much more comfortable with that technology than even a lot of adults. By the time their six they'll both have more friends on Facebook than I do.

  2. THat secret toddler language is hard to learn.

  3. I'm glad you survived your ordeal. I'm proud that you've nailed the "diaper" changing.

  4. I'm so bad with kids - ugh! I guess it's a good thing I won't ever have any grandchildren!

  5. There is a reason why people have babies when they are young...

    This has always puzzled me: ALL babies like cell phones and remote controls. How do they know they are supposed to like those things? Do they talk to each other? Do babies in America call babies in Germany and tell them that they need to go after cell phones and the TV remote (and put them in their mouths)?

    Re: the weather, you figure it out: hot in the west, wet in the east, and you're in the middle? HOT AND HUMID, my friend. All summer long.

  6. I had such a great time playing the other night! Of course I really have never grown up so it's easy to revert to running around the house touching imaginary bases after out of the park grand slam (the ball we played with was awesome...it looked like a baseball but really was as light and squishy as a sock)

    I was a bit baffled by the baby's use of sign language....She kept pointing to the palm of her hand with her finger....later we learn that means "more" .... I would have scrounged up a few cheerios if I had known that.

    I am pretty popular with the 7 and under crowd....after 7 pretty much all people think I am a bit strange.