Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Conversations with K

My wife, K, has a very....unique....way of thinking.  Yeah, let's go with unique.

K:  "We're having pasta for dinner tonight.  Do you want a vegetable with it?"

ME:  "Sure.  What are my choices?"

K:  "We don't have any vegetables."


A few weeks ago during one of our icy weather spells K said Luke the Wonderdog's paws would be cold when I took him out for his dootie call.

K:  "We need to get him some of those doggie booties."

ME:  "He'll never wear them.  Dogs don't wear shoes.  That's dumb."

K:  "Yes he will.  Besides, they're cheap.  You can get 3 or 4 for $8 at Pet Smart."

ME:  "THREE or four?  THREE....or....four?  They have a 3-legged-dog section at Pet Smart?" 


K is currently on one of her thrice yearly health food kicks.  She's all excited about Omega 3 vitamins (some kind of fish oil) and came home with these words of wisdom:

K:  "We need to eat fish every day three times a week."

ME:  "Wha....what?"


I'm thinking she and Yogi Berra sit on adjacent limbs of the same family tree.

Definitely.  :)



  1. You may want to put your skates away till next year, the ice is getting pretty thin.

  2. Methinks Luke may have some say in the boots idea.

    I had a boxer that lost the use of his back legs in old age and drug them around. As a result he wore sores on the upper part of his paws. I thought the boots might help, but they didn't. They simply filled up with dirt and crud from him dragging his back legs on the ground. It was sad.

  3. I'll have to take K's side on this one. She is way too cute for you to be so judgmental about her uniqueness! Plus, she fixes your computer, email, phone, and camera WiFi connection...

  4. These made me laugh :) I've said similar things & Mike tells me that my blonde is showing - ha!

  5. LOL...hey I am quite the entertainer over here. S has me proof read all posts that are about me .... for this particular one I only asked that he remove an ancient photo of me that I deemed "weird hair can't post that" and replaced me with the iconic Yogi Berra clip. It's all good :)