Monday, February 24, 2014

Here comes the Politician Apocalypse. Run for your lives!

Ted Cruz making another delivery.

Oh goody....It's an election year again.  I believe the politicians have found their way in front of every single TV camera in the state.  Every other commercial here in Texas shows one politician or another trying to "out Cruz" Ted Cruz.  

"Oh yeah?  You want to deport all them dang 'illegals'?  Well, I wanna whack 'em on the kneecaps and let 'em crawl back."

"You wuss.  I wanna cut off all their limbs, then let 'em flop back home." *snort, snort*

"Taxes are too high.  Them kids don't need 12 grades of schoolin'."

"I fought for a balanced budget when I was a Legislature-er."  (Note: A balanced budget is required by our state constitution.)

"Vote for me for Ag Commissioner and I'll fight Obama Care!*

"Vote for me for Juvenile Court #6 Judge and I'll fight Obama Care!"

"Vote for me for Sophomore Class Historian and I'll fight Obama Care!"


If there is a more despicable life form than politicians I'd hate to see it.

....said one politician to another.

Some facts:  We need "illegals".  More specifically we need the WORK performed by illegals.  Without them restaurants couldn't function, potholes wouldn't get filled, and houses wouldn't get built. It's a long list of things they do.  We need to somehow fairly bring them into the system.  

It isn't that taxes are too high.  It's just that the money is spent in the wrong places.  We rightfully feel short changed.  Where we spend taxpayer dollars is laughable.  (Well, not really.  It's sad.  Criminal, actually.)

Obama Care, or blanket health it what you want....isn't going away.  Too many people now have insurance who before were excluded due to "pre-existing conditions", or now have coverage again after their exorbitant bills for serious illnesses maxed out their old policies.  And now politicians are going to take that away from them?  And still expect to get their votes?  Not gonna happen.  

The old system wasn't just folded up neatly and placed in the closet like an old set of towels, ready to be brought out again later if needed.  It has already been hauled off in the garbage truck and is now 20' deep in the landfill.  Bye-bye.

Like it or not, we need to find a way to make health care work. If you don't like Obama Care, fine.  Then show me something better.  I mean a detailed plan.  Show me.  Fix it.  Just saying "NO" doesn't fix anything.

All our established politicians want is to stay on the privileged ladder.  All the up-and-coming politicians want is to get on the privileged ladder.  Us peons are just here to give them something to stand on.

You don't have to agree with me out loud.  Just think about it.



  1. I'd love to see Cruz and the rest of the Tea Party booted out but the problem with elections is people say, "Congress really sucks! Throw the bums out! But my Congressman, he's a good guy." It's the old "not in my backyard" thing. That is unfortunately how morons like Cruz keep their jobs.

  2. All good points and I have to agree.

  3. Unemployment is sky high, people can not find work, and yet we need illegals for jobs that can't be filled.
    It is true, but...what is wrong with that picture. Obamacare could have been better thought out and is a mess, but yeah, offer something better, or at least lets find out what works, whta doesn't, and make it better. Kind of like building a car the first time...lots not great, but each model gets better.

    1. Yep. Reality is, this is what we have to work with. We need to just hold our noses and fix it.

  4. Wasn't there something about Canada and the U.S. and an ice hockey game where the loser would have to take Cruze back?

    Or was that the Bieber kid?

    Just kidding. You know, I think almost everybody can agree with what you wrote. So why is it so damn hard to fix it?

  5. I will disagree quietly. I am not endorsing anyone or any party, as far as democrat or republican. I'll fill the potholes if y'all can't find legal citizens to do such work in the great state of Texas. Here, they hardly allow anyone else to do these things

    1. Fair enough John. But can you bring about a million of your legal friends with you when you come? We have waaaaaay too many potholes to fill and burgers to flip and houses to build for you to do it all by yourself. :)

  6. Totally agree across the board with your comments. All I ever hear from the recent batch of Lone Star political candidates is that "Cruz and me walk hand in hand" and I will get rid of Obamacare for you. A pretty dismal selection of friends and promised actions. As the population in Texas is starting to tip in favor of those that are the most negatively impacted by the narrow thinking and neglect of those in office, there is going to be some drastic changes for the better...I just hope these changes come soon!

  7. Here you go making sense again...