Thursday, February 20, 2014

This isn't going to end well

For those of you who have been napping for the past month, let me update you on world events:

The folks in Ukraine (formerly one of the Soviet Socialist Republics before the USSR went belly-up) are in full-fledge revolt.  They want to align themselves with the European Union as they see that as the surest way for them to grow and prosper.  As it is now they're a sneeze away from bankruptcy.  Russia doesn't want to let go of their influence there, and is pulling the strings of the current Ukraine leader.

Vladimir Putin (aka Pootie-Pooh), the Russian President, is about to blow a gasket thinking about one of "his" neighbors rejecting him and taking up with their neighbors on the other side. He's very possessive, a man scorned, and he's an old school KGB'er at heart....not a good combination.  

Meanwhile back in Sochi, the showcase Olympics that Pootie has spent the equivalent of $50B on is turning out to be a laughable mess.  These Olympics are to Russia today what the 1936 Berlin Olympics were to Nazi Germany; a way to show the world how advanced, modern, and powerful they are.  

So far that isn't working out well.  Their facilities are woefully crude and crumbling and many of the venues themselves are simply inferior.  The Russians are hockey obsessed and care about little else but their team winning the hockey Gold Medal.  Yesterday they were knocked out....humiliated a quarterfinal round.  

Home-grown terrorists are somewhere in the Sochi shadows right now, hoping to cause mayhem.  They have so far been kept at bay only because Russia has stationed a not-so-small army there (for now) to step on them.  All this is taking its toll.  The Russian (read: Vladimir Putin's) psyche has been severely wounded.  

Remember the old joke...."What's worse than shooting at a charging bear and missing?  Shooting at a charging bear and only wounding him."

If the protesters in Ukraine succeed in putting in place a new government that turns it's back on Russia, don't be surprised if Putin does something violent in response.  Or maybe he'll even devise an excuse to physically go into Ukraine before it gets to that to "restore calm".   

Of course the west will respond with a meaningless statement of condemnation, the Russians will curtail natural gas deliveries to Europe (they provide the majority of Europe's natural gas) as pipelines go down for "routine maintenance", and from there....?

Most catastrophes don't start out with one gigantic "boom".  They're usually the result of a number of small things that go wrong and build on each other, culminating in one gigantic boom.  Nobody, least of all little 'ol me, knows yet what's going to happen.  But considering the crude, violent nature of politics in that part of the world, I'm guessing things aren't going to end well.



  1. I'm surprised after that game Putin didn't invade Finland. Then he might still have a chance to medal. Though with his penchant for stealing championship rings, it wouldn't be a surprise if he pocketed a few golds for himself.

    It was a lot better in the 90s with Yeltsin and Russia in disarray so we didn't have to give a crap about them except to worry some terrorist might steal a nuke, which certainly helped action movie writers out.

  2. No matter what happens, somehow it will be our fault.

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  4. My comment went topsy turvy. Put is a wild card and no one knows how is is going to act. Cutting off the gas is high on th posibilities.

  5. I just say lots of prayers for the safety of the Russian hockey team.

  6. Lost what I wrote. I'm cautious about assuming either side deserves our nation's involvement when it comes to other countries. Here we get half truth from supposed opposition, as we do from those in power. Obama is the kiss of death to worthwhile change in other countries. I wish he'd stay out of this one. I suspect what we know of the rebels is half true at best. We have some serious issues with an overreaching government right here at home. And our power grabbing president is faulting an authoritarian in some other country? Come on, give me a break. No good will come of this for sure. john0 ballistictour

  7. What was it that G.W. Bush said about Putin? He's a good man...?