Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cars and Coffee, February, 2014

It was a cool-bordering-on-cold, windy morning, but the Cars and Coffee faithful were there in force anyway.  By the time I arrived at 7:30 the party was in full swing.

The first car that caught my eye on the British row was this nice Triumph TR-4.

I've seen this one before at the All English Car Show, but it's just one of those cars I never tire of seeing.

This tastefully pimped Mini Cooper S was nice, too.
* "tastefully pimped"....the ultimate oxymoron? *

While nothing at all exotic, I've always liked Audi TT's.  I think my name on the title of this one would look great!

This was your lucky day, Betina.  Look what I found for you....

A showroom perfect BMW Isetta 300.

Did somebody really drive this thing from Oregon to Texas?

One of the better hot rods for sure!  I think Tim "The Toolman" Taylor would approve.

The times, they are a changin'.

Now even the Korean car guys have reserved space.  Car clubs are always present at C&C, the most prominent usually being Lotus, BMW, Mini, Mustang, Camaro, and Subaru.

Oh yes, and the Corvette "comb-over" boys club, too.

I must give the Subaru WRX boy-racers high marks for their sense of humor.  :)

"If it's not leakin', it's empty"

Close, but no cigar.  If it had been blue, this could have passed for my first car.

It was a treat to see this '70-ish Lancia Montecarlo there.

It must have never gotten wet.  If it had, all you'd see would be a little pile of rust on the pavement and 4 tires.

Alfa Romeo Spyder....still on my Lust Bucket List.

I must admit, Ferrari's (458 Italia ^ ) can look good in "non-red", too.

Then again, why upset the ghost of Enzo (Mr. Ferrari)?

While not the newest or the most exotic, I still think the 599 ^ has the most class.  I love those thin "flying buttresses" off the rear glass.  They're both aesthetically pleasing and aerodynamically useful.

Nostalgia time....who wants a ride in my '56 (?) Cheeevy.  (Umm, maybe I'd better ask the owner first.)

The car that made Ralph Nader famous....the Chevy Corvair.  With the engine (and all the weight) in the back, it had a tendency to swap ends while in motion (not good for life expectancy), hence Ralph's book Unsafe At Any Speed.  He's been running for President (and losing) ever since.

Still, I think this is a great looking, very well maintained example.

There was a camera crew there interviewing some race car driver, but I was more impressed with this rig that allowed the camera to very smoothly glide horizontally.  Pretty cool!

And now, for my Show Favorite....

This immaculate Austin Healey 3000.

Achingly beautiful.

That's it....Cars and Coffee, February, 2014.  Hope you enjoyed.  :)



  1. The AH 3000 was always my favorite, but I can't believe you couldn't pan your camera two cars over from the Triumph and get some shots of the yellow know that was my car except in blue...and it looks like a nice white one next to the AH 3000. Next time get some pictures of the that asking too much? Love the Isetta, finally a BMW that couldn't cut in my lane at 80 MPH.

  2. Great pics. It isn't hard to imagine half a dozen clowns exiting that Isetta.

  3. I just love that you got some photos of such a nice-looking Isetta...just for me! By the way, my brother in Germany has a thing for Audi TT's, too. He's on his third one.

  4. I love micro-cars, too. Audi TT's are just so sleek looking. I love their simple lines. And as you know I have an Audi and couldn't be more happy, even after all these years with it. :)

  5. The 2 tone chevy above the corvair is 1955.

    1. Thanks. I have trouble telling those two model years apart.

  6. Replies
    1. You and your boys need to come see it one month. :)

  7. Enjoyed the show!
    Thanks for going and posting pics.
    As a kid, I loved riding with my brother in his Healey, very fun car. Too bad he got rid of it when he got married.

  8. Awesome photos! I certainly have to agree that the Ferrari 458 Italia would look good in non-red. In yellow maybe? Haha! It’s nice to know that car clubs from other countries are participating on these types of car shows. I’m sure they’re grateful to share their cars, just as they love watching other units displayed. I’ll be looking forward to seeing next year’s car show again! :)