Wednesday, February 5, 2014

You fish in toilet, you go to Gulag!

While we might poke fun at the Sochi Olympic preparations (or lack of), apparently there will be guests from many parts of the world who will think they've walked into Disney World, what with indoor plumbing and other such modern conveniences.

So modern in fact that the Rooski Olympic hosts felt it necessary to explain with these graphic signs the do's and don't's of indoor plumbing:  No hovering over the toilet, no washing your face in it (or is that no throwing up?), and....I love this fishing.  I have no idea what the stick man on the lower right is doing.  Looks like "No climbing on the X".  Any other suggestions? 

What I want to know is, to what nationalities is this "how to" exercise aimed?   I want to make sure I NEVER go there.  Wonder if it was one of those "stans" that Borat came from?   :)



  1. The bottom right one he's holding something, but I have no idea what, nor do I really want to know. I can see someone trying to fish in the toilet and then complaining all they can catch are chunks of mushy brown stuff that smells bad.

  2. If I can't fish the porcelain Throne, I ain't going.

  3. I use to ice fish. I wonder how cold their toilets are?

  4. No standing up to pee? Looks like he's braced his foot against it on bottom right. Still no idea what he's doing. I wonder if they have toilet police to catch you doing one of these infractions.

  5. Don't poop and throw it in toilet...poop in the toilet?

    Is this for real? I think it is, Scott don't lie.

    1. It was on the TV and online news this morning. Based on other stories I've seen and heard about Sochi, I believe it.

  6. Oh lord - well I know that in Africa they pretty much "get" how to use a toilet so I don't think it's aimed at those guys!

  7. I agree with Pat Dilloway - stick man is holding something in the bottom right sign. It looks like a martini glass.

    "No drinking near the toilet, because you will fall down!"