Thursday, February 13, 2014

Just thinking outside the box....

I've never understood the purpose of Valentine's Day.  Was it originally just an attempt by florists and confectioners to sell a bunch of stuff in the normally slow dead of winter?  Maybe it was an attempt by women to get their men to take them out for a nice dinner, to a place that doesn't have a drive thru window?

Or....was it all just a sadistic exercise by women so they could watch their men squirm as they try to think of a gift that will make them look like less of a slug than the other husbands they're always being compared to?  Trust me, no man wants to come in as the last place slug in the group. 

Of course you can always go with dependable, boring chocolates and red roses, aka the "me too" route, but I'm thinking that's still only Runner Up Slug material at best.  (At least try variegated roses to show you have a couple of creative molecules left in you.) 

At first I thought the Vermont Teddy Bear Company was a great idea.  A cute faux-fur little critter with an "I Love You" message....what woman wouldn't be impressed?  But now it seems like it's run it's course.  Once upon a time giving a teddy bear would get you major points.  Try that now and it's no guarantee you won't still be on the couch come the 15th.  *yawn*

Last night as I pondered what to do I asked myself , "What Would Larry (the Cable Guy) do?", and it hit me:

He would go online and buy something so romantic, something that just screams "I'm not afraid to tell the world how much I love my lady", that it would guarantee a special award.  And here it is ^.

If you're thinking about following my brilliant lead, you should know they come in different colors, so it might be wise to discretely ask her what color dress she'll be wearing for your special Valentine's Day dinner out.

Happy Valentine's Day (tomorrow) ladies, and good luck, guys.  :)



  1. Mrs. C will wonder who is Scotty.

    1. Good one Joeh. Yeah, If I gave my wife that she'd think the same thing. (grin)

    2. We'll, that's one way to get the neighbors gossiping . ;)

  2. Ha! I'll get one that says Mikey Loves Me :)

  3. The only thing I want outside the box on Valentines Day is the chocolate being moved from the box to my mouth!