Friday, May 2, 2014

Ahh, the good 'ol days

I saw this on the front page of USA Today online this morning.  It's a picture of a stalwart Communist Party supporter with a picture of her idol, Vladimir Lenin, at yesterday's May Day parade in Moscow.

Talk about living in the past!  It's sad that anyone could look at those Cold War times and think of them as "the good 'ol days".  I suppose as long as there are still Rooskies of her generation alive Lenin's ghost will still haunt us.

How old do you reckon she is?  60's?  70's?  (30's?  Russian women sometimes don't age well, you know.)

What is it about those times that still excites them so?

Memories of the pleasant days spent shopping with friends?

 The cool cars?


Maybe the fun "Green Acres" country lifestyle so many enjoyed?


I remember a few years ago I was at a bookstore on a Friday evening and stumbled on to an author who was doing a "book reading".  He was an American who had been living in Paris, Fraaaaace for years.  I overheard a Q&A query:  "What do you see as a difference today between Americans and the French?"

He said that if you talk to an older American today he/she will more than likely be a conservative Republican.  If you talk to a Frenchman of the same generation he/she will likely be an unreconstructed Communist.  Old habits die hard I guess.


Yea weekend!  Tomorrow: Cars and Coffee, then the Cottonwood Arts Festival.  I'm thinking I'll have some tired but happy feet by tomorrow evening.  :)



  1. She's probably in her 40's (grin).

  2. I guess Cold War paranoia hasn't died on either side of the world yet.

  3. Nostalgia ALWAYS wears rose-colored glasses!

    Cars, coffee, AND and arts festival? Lucky you. Take lots of pictures!

  4. I wouldn't want that woman shouldering the log to get mad at me. No doubt she'd kick the crap out of me.

  5. I am WAY too lazy to live in a country where I'm supposed to pitch in & do manual labor... maybe I could have been a gymnast?