Friday, May 23, 2014

Put GQ on notice....I'm bringing out The Suit

I have several very elderly (90's) relatives who are not doing well.  You know what that means?  I've got to dig through my closet and find The Suit

I'm trying to convince Bro we should go with a theme.  No?

*sigh*  Looks like I'll be buying a new suit this weekend.  Ninety-nine buck, gone....pfffft....just like that.

Have a fun, safe weekend everyone.  :)



  1. It's no fun to attend, but a family duty is a family duty.

  2. Rule #1 of retirement is to never wear a suit again, no matter the event. Shirt and slacks is retirement dress up attire and even that's a pain.

  3. I agree with Bill - although a man in a suit is mighty fine :)

  4. I understand the pain of wearing a suit... A female friend of mine feels the same way about a bra. She actually owns one; she calls it her "funeral bra."

  5. Don't know what you're complaining about; I bet you can buy a suit off the rack. Not so with chubby chatterboxes. When I was in Hong Kong I practically made a tailor cry because I wouldn't let him make me a suit.

  6. I have one suit and that is what was bought for and keeps being used for the same thing. Family and friends dropping like flies, just life I guess.

  7. I call mine my "marryin' and buryin'" suit.

  8. My Love looks dashing in a suit and tie! Sometimes I want to make reservations some place fancy just so he has to put on his "James Bond" look. But this is Texas and fancy really just means business casual these days.

    I did a bit of my own "funeral clothes" shopping yesterday with my Mom while I was visiting her.....It was unsuccessful...

    My Mom said "why does it matter what you wear you will probably never see these people again"

    She knows me well. So I ended up with shoes and will wear something I already own. It's nice and conservative if a bit bright blue. C'est la vie.

    1. ...why does it matter what you wear you will probably never see these people again... Bwaaaaaahhhhh!

      How do I get sangria off a computer monitor?