Monday, May 12, 2014

And my dossier at the NSA just gets bigger and bigger

I don't understand all the stink about Benghazi.  It seems that in trying to police the world....north Africa in this case....we botched security at one of our diplomatic missions.  A bunch of #$%^& Libyans attacked and killed 4 Americans.

At the time, it seems that an Administration official at some level decided that the American people wouldn't care if they thought our people were killed by a crowd spontaneously angered by some movie or some such nonsense vs an out-and-out terrorist attack, which would be horrible.  So they lied.

Why would one be worse than the other?  Our people are still dead, regardless.  

"Hello, Mrs. Widow.  I have some good news and some bad news.  First, your husband's dead.  But the good was just a spontaneous demonstration."

So a bunch of politicians lied.  Lying is what they do.  *yawn*

Somebody please tell me again why we give a rats ass what happens in Libya?  The f__kers just fight for the sake of fighting.  That seems to be the #1 pastime in that part of the world.  Why don't we seem to get that?  You scramble an ant pile with a stick, you're gonna get stung.

Why was security botched in the first place?  Didn't Congress vote to cut back funding for State Department security to help reduce the deficit?  Then this happened, and they're surprised?  Really?

Attacks on Americans overseas have been happening since the Reagan days, maybe before....I can't remember.  Here's one for you:  How come every time something bad happens in their back yard the Europeans expect the US to come and "fix it"?  Do we ask them to come over here and slap around the drug cartels in Mexico for us?

Republicans are just looking for something to throw in the face of the Democrats, just like the Democrats had a field day complaining about how NJ Governor Chris Christie (R) caused a traffic jam on some bridge to NY.  This whole thing is just sleazy politics.

You're on a slippery slope, Republicans, feigning outrage over Democrats lying about Benghazi.  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!  You ALL lie!  Nixon lied, Reagan lied, Clinton, Bush, and Obama lied also.  And it is with great confidence that I can predict the president after Obama will lie to us, too.

Instead of distracting us with more Benghazi BS why not get your house in order?  Do your job....let me rephrase that.  Do the job THE AMERICAN PEOPLE sent you to Washington to do.  NOT the job the special interests (think: Goldman Sachs & Friends) are paying you to do now that you're there.



  1. Somehow it just seems to me that when Republicans get caught they get impeached or they lose elections and are ostracized. When a Democrat lies and gets caught, it is just "all about sex," "What difference at this point does it make," and so what, everyone lies. But that is probably just my take as a conservative (mostly).

    Bengasi was a goof, lots of people at fault, it does disturb me that it was so important to lie and cover up so they could win an election. Seems not so long ago a simple burglary that really didn't hurt anyone demonstrated an administrations callous disrespect for the truth and it brought down a Presidency, but there is probably no real correlation, so we should just let it go...everyone does it right. Move on, nothing to see here.

    1. Only two presidents have been impeached and the Republican one was Andrew Johnson after the Civil War so I have no idea what you're talking about.

    2. The lie(s) that caused the most people to suffer and die - literally, as well as costing the most in real dollars - literally, came from Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, et al. It all started with a bunch of scare tactics about "mushroom clouds" and "smoking guns." To date nothing has happened to these liars.

    3. Well Nixon was kinda forced to step down, but then you knew what I was talking about didn't you.

      Hmmm Lyndon Johnson anyone? See memory only goes one way. And I am not calling for any impeachment or punishment for mistakes, only fairness. And I'm done cause some people do not believe in fairness, only the same old bull spit politics.

  2. I still don't see the lie. Doesn't evidence show that the events in Cairo DID influence this tragedy? Besides, didn't Romney break his pledge not to politicize Benghazi yet on the very day of the attack, before we even knew the fate of our ambassador, he was on the news criticizing the administration without any concern for the facts? This is simply a witch hunt to discredit Hillary.

    1. Only the evidence that the administration wanted us to know. I think we would find it was a terrorist attack and had nothing to do with any film, (actually we do know this) except it will be swept under the carpet, but I'm not sure it makes any difference.

      How do we suddenly turn this incident into a bash Romney event? I was not aware that it was Romney's fault...damn what a lying bastard. I guess when caught in a lie deflect deflect deflect.

  3. It stinks to high heaven. Reps or Dems. They don't represent us they represent the money that gets them elected. I'm sick of it, but there is nothing I or you can do.

  4. You are all proving my point. This, along with most other scandals that go on in Washington, are just diversions to keep us off the trail of what they REALLY are doing in the special interests what they want and skimming off some for themselves, too.

  5. I'm not sure you can have a government of any kind .... let's stick with the democracies....I really do not have much knowledge of the other kinds of governments in the world....I don't think you can have a democracy [I actually typed democrazy] without the scandal and the drama and the lies and the intrigue. We can bitch and complain and whine and etc but we can't actually change it.

    It's not set up to be's set up to act exactly like it's acting right now.

    What you really want is a revolution - [ dear NSA I am not advocating a revolution - just all hypothetical here] - but this country is too big for an effective revolution. We can never get the North, South, East and West to all agree on what to fight about ..... remember the Occupy Movement.

    Take care of your communities and your neighbors - it's the best we are going to do. Grass roots approach.