Sunday, May 4, 2014

Cars and Coffee, May 2014....and the Cottonwood Arts Festival, too

My fellow motoring enthusiast friend and good all 'round guy Neil and I met up at 7:30 yesterday to oogle cars, as we do every first Saturday of the month.

It was a perfect Saturday morning to be outside looking at cars.  It was a lousy day to be trying to take photos of them....the sun was too bright and the shadows at that early hour too long.  Oh well, whatcha gonna do?

E-Type Jaguars are cool rain or shine.

Ditto for E-Type roadsters.

I'm not a big Lotus fan....they're rather fragile.  But this one, in this color, just exploded in the morning light.  I like the Tiger stripe effect, too.  (Listen to me, all artsy-fartsy!)

Umm....looks like they left the gate unattended for a few minutes and this snuck in.  ("Sneaked" in?)

Wonder if it belonged to this guy?

"Guy walks up and asks, 'Where'd ya get him?'
 The dog answers, 'Aww....I won him in a raffle.'"  :)

The German Goggomobil from last month was back.  Or maybe it never left?  Here's Neil standing next to it for size comparison.

This late model (2002) Acura NSX was a stand out.  We talked with another fellow we met there who bought one new in 1994 and uses it to this day as his daily driver.  He says it's rock-solid.  Try THAT with a Ferrari!

First you start with an overpriced SLR Mercedes, then you let McLaren have a turn tarting it the tune of a cool $500K!

Pay attention kid.  Mother's Day is coming up and she couldn't be any more obvious with her hint.  Tell dad....or maybe that guy over there.  (Not sure what he's looking at behind those sunglasses.  ;)

Ahh....the Frenchies.  The Citroen SM was so far ahead of its time the rest of the world finally just gave up trying to catch them.  Unfortunately it's been pretty much downhill for Citroen ever since.

We visited with the gentleman in the background who also owns an SM and he shared lots of anecdotal stories about these odd eccentric cars.  Meeting people like him is what makes C&C so much fun.

This chopped custom began life as a 1950 Pontiac Chieftain.

Innit kewl?

My first car was a '65 Mustang, but it didn't look anything this nice!

Just FYI, this is the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang.

I'm pretty sure it didn't roll off Ford's assembly line looking like this!

There were only 6 Shelby Daytona's ever built.  This wasn't one of them.  This is a replica (kit), and a darn nice one.

I'm generally not a BMW fan, but I seriously looked at a 2002tii just like this back in 1971 (?).  I didn't buy it.  Now every time I see one I kick myself.  DOH!

It's a classic today.

I also considered a Porsche 911 at one time.  Then I could have afforded it. way!  *banging head on wall*

A trivia question for you:  Has anyone ever seen an overflow vent hose (?) on a battery?  It left Neil and I both shaking our heads.

I hope that thing is strapped down tight.  If I ever see it on the freeway I'm gonna stay well back.

All I can say is....

And finally, here's a license plate I think many of these fancy car owners can identify with.


After C&C I picked up K and we went to the Cottonwood Arts Festival.  This was the absolute best art show I've been to.  It keeps growing and the caliber of the participating artists keeps improving, too.

K was too busy watching the gander that chased his lady out of the little pond and up into the crowd with....umm...."less than honorable intentions" to pose for my picture.

Besides checking out the art I always enjoy the people watching.  And the dog watching, too.

This was taken at the Southlake "Arts on the Square" show last weekend.  Our Tarrant County neighbors can't seem to get that "Old West" thing out of their system.  (Hey, I like cows, too, but I like mine served medium rare on a sizzling plate.)

That's all the art shows on our radar until the Fall.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, too.



  1. That battery has a tube to vent any battery fumes and is generally for batteries installed in the trunk or under the seat of a vehicle. Looks like a Maxx Everstart 94N battery, mostly sold at Walmart and comes with a vent tube in a bag with the battery. The battery has ports on either side of the battery where the tube can be plugged.

    1. Thanks Bill. I learned something. :)

    2. Should say where the tube can be plugged in, depending on where located in the vehicle.

  2. Enjoyed the post. Nice photos for early morning.

  3. Wish we had a show like that one here but I guess the Dallas area has all the zillionaires!

    1. Yep. Nothin' like a guy...driving an expensive down...the wind in your hair...and a maxed out credit card in your wallet. ;)

  4. Just as my cousin said last week, there is always something fun going on in Dallas, I'll never leave.
    Thanks for the pics and ID's. I can pick out most Fords and some Chevys and of course a VW, but that about it.

  5. Love all the car pics, of course, but that license plate is my favorite! Too bad the arts festival season is so short. We have our "big one" next Sunday, after that our season is over, too.

  6. I think the pictures are great, and the shadows add an interesting element. Looks like it was a great show.

  7. We love our '70 Jag E-Type Coupe, too - it was our first time ever showing it to the public after 10 years of being garage-kept. We were totally shocked (and super-appreciative) of all of the positive support it received!

    1. Well, count me as an admirer, too. Please do come back again next month....I'd like to meet you and learn more about your car and your experience with it. And thanks for visiting my blog.


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  9. You never fail to document superb car shows, Scott! I'm always looking forward to reading your C&C posts. I also patiently wait for the spectacular cars that you feature. It's all worth the wait. Thanks for sharing!

    Sarah Erwin @ Baldwin Subaru