Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sticker shock

 I asked the guy to make me look like this.  When I left he was still laughing.

As I mentioned a few days ago I have several elderly relatives whose time on Earth appears to be limited, so I figured I'd better get ready.  For years my daily wardrobe has consisted of jeans or shorts and t-shirts or polo shirts.  I have some casual pants and nicer shirts that would pass for "business casual", a couple of sport coats, and one suit, my "marryin' and buryin'" suit.

I tried my dressy clothes on and no surprise, they didn't fit well.  The later stages of middle age plus a low thyroid that is jerking my metabolism around meant a trip to The Men's Wearhouse was in order.

I've always found The Men's Wearhouse had good clothes at reasonable prices.  I could go in and be greeted by a knowledgeable sales person who could direct me to a nice suit that made me look less dorky than I really am, without breaking the bank.

Over the weekend K invited (dragged) me to the MW so they could polish me up a bit.  I had decided a sport coat that I already had was sufficiently conservative, so all I needed was a nice pair of dress pants.

The guy took me to the pants dept and went right to a pair that matched well and felt like good quality.  Being a decisive person I said fine, mark 'em for the right length and let me outta here.

But wait, there's more!

Today only, buy one pair of pants, get another pair FREE!  I only needed one pair, but heck, if they're free....  :)  So I took two pair, one charcoal colored, one navy blue, back to the dressing room and tried them on.  

He marked the first pair, and as I was taking them off I noticed the price tag:  $190.  For ONE pair of pants?  (Well over $200 with alterations and tax.)  *choke*

Is that the going price these days for a pair of pants, or has The Men's Wearhouse gone all Neiman Marcus on me?  The other pair was less expensive, so I just bought those which were "value priced" and didn't qualify for the BOGO promotion.  Free?  Yeah, right. 



  1. Pretty much the price of everything is going up, up, and away!

  2. I shop at Jos. A Bank. They have nice stuff and fine service. I shouldn't have to go often, but every time I finally have the need for a pair of pants or a suit, I realize what you find, my old stuff keeps shrinking. Anyway, I wonder if anyone has ever bought something at JAB and paid full price. I think not. Kind of like buying furniture from a store that is not "Going out of business."

    1. Funny you should mention....Jos. A Bank and The Men's Wearhouse have (or soon will be, it might still be pending) merged. Wonder if this is their new business model?

  3. Sounds like retail shenanigans to me. I know things are getting ever more expensive but $200 for a pair of slacks seems outrageous.

  4. Some say you get what you pay for.

  5. But the second pair was free so really you got a pair of slacks for $100. Still seems pricey to me but then my last suit was bought in the 1960's.

  6. Yikes...that seems a bit steep.

    Of course, this is the woman who bought her wedding dress by walking into a clothing store, and responding to the question, "May I help you?" with a cool, "I'm looking for a dress. I'm going to a wedding." It was $80.