Monday, May 5, 2014

Smooth jazz and Italian coffee

K is a recruiter for a major national company, and recently one of her district managers sent her a very nice Bose radio to say "thank you" for sending him good candidates for a very hard-to-staff area on the East coast.  Apparently they're working out just fine and his bonus was substantial.  (Anything Bose isn't cheap, you know.)

Very nice of him, to say the least.  :)

This week is "Italia Week" at Central Market.  This is a high-end grocery store that carries a variety of specialty produce and paper towels or laundry detergent-type merchandise.

This is the type of theme stuff they do, in this case an Italian guy (?) walking around the store playing accordion music.  (Do Italians wear berets, too?  I thought that was just the French?)

Their bakery offered lots of specialty things to celebrate Italia Week, like this Chocolate Chocolate Biscotti.  (Are you paying attention Dana and Betina?)

K bought herself some Italian Coffee.  I wish she hadn't.


This morning we had the Bose thingy tuned to smooth jazz on Pandora.  It was a nice calming background to compliment my morning newspapers.  Then she came into the Great Room.

"I'm gonna call my mother now and tell her all about the new underwear I bought over the weekend.  Hey, since we're going over to see her next weekend for Mother's Day maybe I can take her to Macy's so she can get herself some new underwear, too.  I really like these....they're so cool, perfect for summer wear."

*the radio gets turned up*

"I'll be ready to go to work in just a minute.  I need to get me a new tube of Chap Stick.  You know I can't leave the house without my Chap Stick.  My lips dry out so quickly.  I'm thinking it's the low humidity in our office.  They keep that place so cold!  I'll be ready in just a minute....hold on."

*the radio gets turned up some more*

"Oh, and I need a little plate to take to work. I bought some of those Italian cookies, and I'm gonna put them on a plate.  Italian cookies need to be served on a plate.  I'm pretty sure that's how the Italians do it.  Not that I've ever been to Italy, but that just seems like that's something they would do, you know....being Italian and all."

*the radio is now maxed out*

"Tonight we're having know....the kind we found at Central Market that's won awards in Houston?  And they apparently know their sausage in Houston, 'cause that is GOOD stuff.   Oh, and sweet potatoes.  Remember when you used to not eat sweet potatoes?  Boy have you come around!  They're SO good, huh?  It's that little bit of brown sugar on top that does it.  OK, I'm leaving now."

*Kiss-kiss. Love you, mean it*

Wonder how long-lasting Italian caffeine is?  Tell me again how laid back and slow moving the Italians are?  Don't they drink their own coffee?

Now where was I?  Yes, smooth jazz and the newspaper.

Have a good day everyone.  :)



  1. That coffee also makes you move your arms and hands around a lot when talking.

  2. She doesn't work for Bose does she?

    1. Nope, her DM was just an extremely thoughtful guy.

  3. I was once in a cab in Rome with a coffee drinking driver. When traffic came to a stop he just jumped the curb and drove on the sidewalk. I always wondered about that coffee.

  4. I've heard stories about traffic in Italy. They must ALL drink that coffee.

    A tourist arrived in Rome and took a cab from the airport to the hotel. First red light, and the cab runs right through it. The poor tourist in the back just gasps. Second red light, and the cab shoots through the intersection at break-neck speed. The tourist in the back turns pale. Another red light, and the cab doesn't even slow down. The tourist in the back starts saying his Hail Marys. Ooooh...finally, a green light. The tourist in the back almost loses his lunch as the cabbie slams on the brakes. "It's green! Why did you do that?" - "Oh, that's when all my colleagues are coming from the left and right!"

    Smooth jazz...doesn't that call for wine?

    1. Ha! Love the story. And yes, smooth jazz goes with just about anything. ;)

  5. I did indeed sit up & take notice when I saw the biscotti sign :)

    You know, I do that chatter thing to Mike all the time - & I don't even drink coffee. Let's just go ahead & all hope I never do!

  6. Your mission is to go back to CM today and get 5 more cans of that...don't tell me you don't know which one it have the photo on your cell phone :) Great post! I am highly entertaining

  7. Hey! while you are at it, get 5 cans for congress and they might accidentally get something done!

    Great gift Kelly, you must do super work matching people with jobs.

    1. You want Congress to yap MORE? We need less yapping and more doing. ;)