Thursday, May 29, 2014

Evil lettuce....Blech! Blech!

Have you ever suffered from food poisoning? If you haven't, consider yourself VERY lucky.  But if you have, you know that you'll probably associate the last thing you ate with the gut wrenching (literally) illness, whether it was the real culprit or not.  I once ate an Arby's sandwich, then got deathly sick that night. I can't eat Arby's to this day.

A few years ago after a Christmas party K and I both got violently ill.  So did bro and my SIL and several other people from the same party.  SIL reported this to her doctor and he asked what was served.  She ran down the list, and when she said salad, he said "Whoa. That's it.  Lettuce is notorious for harboring all kinds of nasty 'wee beasties'" (my term).

I've always been extremely careful with lettuce ever since.  I usually buy fresh red or green leaf lettuce from Central Market, then wash it myself and use one of those spin dryer things before I put it away in Tupperware.  Until this week.  BIG MISTAKE!

Tuesday night for dinner we had some grilled home made hamburgers.  They were excellent as always, K and I both having the same thing except I put lettuce on mine.  Lettuce I bought in a hurry from evilWalmart.  (Yes, it's all one word:  evilWalmart.)  It was pre-packaged, sealed, and prominently labeled "Triple Washed". 

Triple washed my ass!

By midnight I had taken up residence in the bathroom.  I'll spare you the details.  It was one of those illnesses where you actually start to think about what kind of accommodations you'll have in your afterlife.

I'm hoping this episode doesn't develop into a personal life-long phobia against lettuce as I do like me a good salad bar now and then.  I am 0 for 2, after all.

You know how they say you should get right back on a horse if you ever fall off?  If that's really true, I'm thinking I'll need to go visit Jason's Deli salad bar soon.

Wish me luck.



  1. Lettuce from a "Subway" put myself and three other friends down for two days. We all had different sandwiches, the common denominator was lettuce and no, I will never eat at Subway again.

    I always wash the bejesus out of my lettuce, and say a little prayer when I get it prepared from a restaurant.

    Glad you have recovered!

  2. Overweight people are always told to eat salads, and while I love them I have difficulty digesting lettuce. Strange, but I have no difficulty digesting chocolate. I hope you're feeling better.

  3. Many years ago, I got deathly sick in Egypt. I had a burger and milkshake and that night I HAD IT COMMING OUT BOTH ENDS. Not unusual to be sick in Egypt, but it was a bad experience.

  4. Lots of area on lettuce for e. coli to hide.

  5. Hm, was it a chicken sandwich from Arby's? That's my best guess. Long story.

  6. I've never had food poisoning. My oldest son had it, after eating a sandwich from a gas station. Doesn't everybody know you don't get sandwiches at gas stations?

    When I get to 5 pounds away from my goal weight, I'll just get some evilWalmart lettuce then...

  7. Tripple washed in what?

    We have been very happy with Walmart produce and it is normally better than other stores.

    Leave it off your burger next time.