Friday, May 16, 2014

Why do scientists always bring us bad news? A joke now and then would be appreciated.

This is NOT the news I wanted to read first thing this morning:

Scientist are warning that another El Nino is forming in the equatorial Pacific Ocean.  As you can plainly see from this satellite photo, an El Nino is a brown stain that forms on the surface of the water, then (I'm guessing) catches fire and scorches places downwind, like Texas.  DAMN!

They say this is looking ominously like the El Nino that formed back in 1997 and darn near fried me to a crisp.  (I'm pretty sure it was aimed just at me.)  I don't like summers in the best of time, and if this is true, this summer will be a sucky one.  I think I'll need to start a Countdown To Fall calendar just to give me something to live for.


Ha!  I suddenly have a new appreciation of 'ol Mark Twain.  :)


I'll leave you today with a bit of humor:

The barber was cutting hair all morning and looking out the window of his barber shop on Main Street.  For hours he watched a guy across the street dig a hole, 4' deep and 4' wide, then move on down the street 50' and dig another hole 4' deep and 4' wide, then another, and another after that.

A few minutes later another guy comes along and fills back in the hole the first guy dug, then he moved 50' to the next hole and filled that one in, too.  Over and over.  One guy digs, another guy fills in.

Finally the barber walked across the street and asked what they were doing, digging and then filling in all those holes? 

The first guy said, "I know it probably looks odd, but you see, we work for the city.  We're normally a 3-man crew, but the guy who plants the tree is out sick today, so...."

Have a great weekend everyone! :)



  1. A fuuny story, but true. Stock up on sun tan lotion.

  2. Another Mark Twain: "Suppose you were an idiot... And suppose you were a member of Congress... But, I repeat myself."

  3. Leaving that hole empty might be dangerous.

  4. Both members of my family work for the city, so I know there's a lot of truth in that joke.

  5. Don't you be picking on the poor city employees...! My husband works for a huge corporation with a bureaucracy that is so out of control, an incident like this would not even cause raised eyebrows. Four out of five days he comes home just shaking his head. Some day when he no longer works there, I'll be able to tell all the stories. Your joke is funny, though!